AMMPAdult Morbidity and Mortality Project
AMMPAmerican Mainstream Media Party
AMMPAlam Madina Music Productions
AMMPAir Mobility Master Plan
AMMPAssociation of Multicultural Members of Partners
AMMPApplied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
AMMPAppraisal & Management of Mineral Projects
AMMPApproved Modification & Maintenance Program
AMMPAircraft Missile Maintenance Production
AMMPAssociation Member Mortgage Program
AMMPArmy Materiel Maintenance Policy
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The sensitivity, precision and walk-away capabilities of our non-optical AMMP technology enables customers to achieve break-through advancements in protein research that were not previously attainable via tradition ELISA, Western blot and IHC methods, allowing ultra-sensitive detection of proteins in complex biological samples.
Another important aspect of the AMMP research program is analysis and measurement of the surfaces generated in micro-machining, explains Dr Marinescu.
The studies reported here utilized non-optical, AMMP (acoustic membrane microparticle) technology to quantitate the activity state of multiple kinases including EGFR, MEK, ERK, AKT, p38 and JNK in their native state and included the detection of the MEK-ERK heterodimer highlighting the ability of the technology to detect weak and transient low affinity interactions.
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The site now integrates information about the ViBE Platform products, AMMP Assay Technology, Support Services and the Applications that allow our customers to advance their cutting-edge research in biomarkers, protein expression and bioprocess monitoring.
AMMP (Acoustic Membrane MicroParticle) technology is a unique mechanical integration of magnetic microparticles, a universal sensor and acoustic science delivering a proprietary, non-optical protein detection and quantitation technique that is highly robust and versatile, with ease of methods transfer from traditional assay formats.
AMMP is a label-free, non-optical, homogeneous assay which is well-suited for operation in complex matrices.
Leach also provides full meter data services via its AMRON Meter Management Portal ( AMMP ), making utility and customer billing data available via the internet as well as directly to utility billing systems.
In addition, they also provide a 14 day money-back guarantee on all AMMP merchandise.
AMMPS is one program that has used KPPs to its benefit.