AMMPSAdvanced Medium-Sized Mobile Power Source
AMMPSAdvanced Mission Materials Preparation System
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Fast forward five years, where Palmer - along with the help of Doreen Swanson AMMPS Account Manager - have managed to keep the idea alive.
By 2018, the AMMPS program was highly successful, with another $491 million contract signed by the Department of Defense (DOD).
The manufacturer has gotten rid of the faulty governor actuator from AMMPS production and replaced it with a new actuator, NSN 2910-01-595-5200, that should prevent overspeed shutdowns.
AMMPS generators are 50 percent mote reliable than the generators they will replace.
AMMPS generators are being fielded by Project Manager Mobile Electric Power (PM MEP) in partnership with the Rapid Equipping Force.
AMMPS generators are not only important on the operational energy front.
The AMMPS program is a highlight of these efforts, Chiarelli said, along with the implementation of microgrids that more efficiently distribute power.
"Not only will AMMPS provide a significant monthly fuel savings, they will also reduce the exposure of our Soldiers to the dangers of improvised explosive device attacks on supply convoys."
AMMPS also feature digital control screens in place of dials, extra cooling fans, and standardization between units of different sizes to simplify maintenance.
When the new 10kW generators from the AMMPS program replace the TQGs, they must, according to the KPP, operate for the same amount of time, but only use 0.82 gallons of fuel an hour for a total cost of $1,932 per week.