AMMPSAdvanced Medium-Sized Mobile Power Source
AMMPSAdvanced Mission Materials Preparation System
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AMMPS generators are not only important on the operational energy front.
Not only will AMMPS provide a significant monthly fuel savings, they will also reduce the exposure of our Soldiers to the dangers of improvised explosive device attacks on supply convoys.
AMMPS also feature digital control screens in place of dials, extra cooling fans, and standardization between units of different sizes to simplify maintenance.
Therefore, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed worldwide will also receive the fuel and manpower savings associated with the AMMPS generators as they are procured and fielded throughout the other services.
Our next generation AMMPS represent a significant leap forward in performance, fuel economy and reliability.
Our work with the Army on the AMMPS program demonstrates our joint commitment to providing our fighting men and women the tools they need to do their important work effectively and safely.
The latest generation of AMMPS is expected to deliver 21 percent fuel efficiency improvements compared to the previous models at nearly a 20 percent reduction in cost.
The Army estimates the new AMMPS will save millions of gallons of fuel annually in wartime conditions.
In addition to the cost and environmental benefits associated with the new AMMPS, the improved fuel efficiency will reduce the need for fuel trucks and convoys to service military installations in combat zones, increasing the safety of U.
Army power generation sets, AMMPS, will be the next generation of "Tactical Quiet Generators" used by the Department of Defense to supply power wherever and whenever needed by our soldiers.
Cummins Power Generation is delighted to be part of the AMMPS program and we are committed to providing the Department of Defense with the best possible solution.