AMMSAustralian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
AMMSAdvanced Microwave Moisture Sounder
AMMSAsthma Management Model System
AMMSAmerican Mall Model Search (est. 1982)
AMMSAcquisition Milestone Management System
AMMSAutomated Maintenance Management System
AMMSAdvanced Map Moving System
AMMSAcademy of Mixed Martial Science (Los Angeles, CA)
AMMSAdvanced Microwave Moisture Sensor
AMMSAdvanced Materials Management System
AMMSAutomatic Message Management System
AMMSAutomated Manpower Management System
AMMSAdministrative and Manpower Management Service
AMMSAutonomous Minehunting and Mapping System
AMMSAir Mobility Management System (integrates the GDSS and C2IPS systems)
AMMSArmy Automated Multi Media System
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The AMMS acquisition marked an important strategic move for Tegal.
Rather than requiring users distributed throughout the organization to learn new technologies and tools to create and view rich media content, the AMMS integrations for Lync and SharePoint 2010 bring video creation and viewing capabilities directly to one of the most widely adopted communications and portal applications in use today.
Under the terms of the Asset Purchase Agreement with AMMS and Alcatel Lucent, dated September 2, 2008, Tegal paid $1,000,000 in cash and issued 1,044,386 shares of Tegal common stock at a value of $3.
AMMS v3 enables organizations to transform their video programs into highly interactive, precisely measured online communications that can be leveraged to improve the performance of personnel, the effectiveness of content, and the quality of the end-user viewing experience.
The fact that this customer has made the choice for Tegal, after working in MEMS production for many years, is a strong endorsement of the Tegal / AMMS 200SE track record for production-proven performance.
Asseco is going to deploy its proprietary AMMS at all of the above-mentioned centers.
The joint Accordent and TANDBERG offering provides an automated, unified workflow within which organizations can archive video conferences and live events using TCS, detect and ingest TCS-created content into the AMMS, carry over content metadata to ensure proper categorization and searchability, and track how viewers are consuming the TCS-archived content.
AMMS is specialized in designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE) systems as well as Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) systems for the fabrication of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and Semiconductor devices.
However, the key element of the project will be to implement AMMS (Asseco Medical Management Solutions), an integrated system allowing for comprehensive management of a medical facility.
When integrated with enterprise LDAP or Active Directory services, the AMMS enables organizations to ensure that only authorized users gain access to the content for which they have assigned privileges.
As part of the agreement, Gilbert Bellini, President of AMMS, will be appointed to Tegal's Board of Directors.
The solution, which marries two of today's most powerful business communications tools - TANDBERG's telepresence and high-definition video conferencing products and the Accordent Media Management System(TM) (AMMS) - allows clients to record video calls, presentations and training sessions created with TANDBERG products and centrally manage, catalog and secure these online media assets with the AMMS.