AMMSAAboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta (Canada)
AMMSAAssociation of Mine Managers of South Africa
AMMSAAlliance for Microgravity Materials Science and Applications (Washington, DC)
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Be First Nations, Inuitor Metis, hold permanent Canadian resident status and have in Alberta Be enrolled in the 2nd year (or beyond) of a Canadian post secondary Journalism or Radio & Television Arts Program or Equivalent Certified Training Program (as recognized by Alberta Learning) and be able to produce a transcript of grades from the 1 st year Be available to participate in a 4 week internship program at AMMSA at the completion of the school year.
An additional $1,000 will be awarded to the student for their participation in the AMMSA Internship program.
The management team of AMMSA will grade each application on the criteria outlined Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2015 Please submit to Carol Russ
Deadline for submissions: May 30 Please submit to Selection Committee AMMSA Bursary
AMMSA is now located in the northwest end of Edmonton.
AMMSA survived by immediately cutting staff numbers in half, and cutting back from a weekly to a monthly.
The Native Communications Society lost its funding in 1982, and Crowfoot started AMMSA from its ashes in 1983.
It was always Crowfoot's goal to ensure AMMSA was rooted in a solid foundation of good journalistic principles.
AMMSA stands for Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta, the name of the organization that publishes Windspeaker.
Since 1990, he has guided the revenue side of the many-faceted AMMSA organization, which also includes a popular radio station, and he oversees all publishing operations now.
Windspeaker and AMMSA have not only survived but have prospered and expanded despite the onslaught of so-called Native newspapers in the early 90's which were just get-rich-quick schemes by non-Native publishers and salespeople.
AMMSA is more than just Windspeaker--we also have Alberta Sweetgrass, which was developed to fill the void created when Windspeaker was transformed into a national publication.