AMMTAviation Maintenance Management Team
AMMTAdvanced Minehunting and Mapping Technologies
AMMTAdvanced Micromaching Tools (AMMT GmbH)
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Muwafaq Matari, managing partner, AMMT, said: "The inaugural edition of the expo brought a very wide range of assistive technology products under one roof from across the world and the show effectively catered to the needs of people with different types of disabilities."
Muwafaq Matari, CEO, AMMT, said: "Robotics have transformed the way we look at the healthcare industry and the near future will only witness an increased usage of robotics in this sector.
Robotics are quickly gaining traction with figures from AMMT pointing to an expanding medical robot market that is estimated to reach $11.4bn by 2020 at a CAGR of 22.2%.
The samples prepared from ammonium modified MMT (AMMT) were labelled as PP-AMMT-1.25, PPAMMT-2.5, and PP-AMMT-5.0 and corresponding samples from imidazolium modified MMT (IMMT) were labelled as PP-IMMT-1.25, PP-IMMT-2.5, and PP-IMMT-5.0.
The bands corresponding to N-bearing functional groups (1050 to 1600 [cm.sup.-1]) were observed in both AMMT and IMMT.
The AMMT was set up in 2010 in memory of Anjool, of Yarm, who died aged 25 in a fall from a restaurant rooftop terrace in London in July 2009.
The AMMT treatment uses a combination of singing (intonation) and motor activities to strengthen a network of brain regions that is thought to be abnormal in children with autism.
"We developed AMMT, in part, because another intonation-based therapy, known as Melodic Intonation Therapy, had been successful in helping stroke patients with aphasia recover their ability to speak," Gottfried Schlaug, senior author of the study, said.
Among the winners was Eaglescliffe-raised Kiran Hungin - otherwise known as Mary At Midnight - who won the 2011 AMMT Music Talent of the Year Award.
NAVAIR, AMMT, and wings should be contacted when addressing questions concerning policy.
Our AD analyst, as well as the Aviation Maintenance Management Team (AMMT), helped me sort out a response.
An AirLant QA and AMMT inspector, AECS(AW) Larry King, felt the conference's strength was to get everyone on the same sheet of music.