AMMTIACAdvanced Materials Manufacturing & Testing Information Analysis Center
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AMMTIAC and WSTIAC are two of the 10 DTIC Information Analysis Centers (IACs).
The DSC, coupled with the AMMTIAC contract vehicle, is helping the government extend the lifecycle of these mission-critical systems, and they can save a lot of money in the process," said Chris Amos, Alion Senior Vice President and Manager of the Technology Solutions Group.
TRI also provides NDT/NDE expertise to AMMTIAC as part of a subcontract to Alion Science and Technology.
AMMTIAC provides DoD and Defense industrial base contractors with engineering and technological support in three key areas: materials selection and behavior including process science and corrosion; manufacturing technology, including the application of advanced methods and robotics; and materials, manufacturing, and system inspection and testing.
Through the AMMTIAC, Alion will be able to support the military's need for equipment and materiel that is more cost-effective, survivable, and longer-lived - providing lower overall ownership cost.