AMNDA Midsummer Night's Dream
AMNDA Midsummer's Night Dream (Shakespeare play)
AMNDAberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank (UK)
AMNDAdelaide Metropolitan Netball Division (Australia)
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Table 2 presents the bivariate analysis of AMND by some subgroups of program and participant characteristics.
Table 3 displays the results from the regression analysis on AMND.
Three of the four program factors were positively related to AMND.
When other factors in the regression constant, AMND was higher for Caucasians than for African Americans.
Analyses show that variables related to "education savers" (the stand-alone indicator and the interaction terms) explained about 2 percent of the variance in AMND.
49 more AMND for any participant, regardless of whether they were an "education saver", an additional hour was associated with an additional $0.
Among participant demographic factors, savings for postsecondary education moderated the association of gender with AMND.
Similarly, although married participants on the whole in ADD had higher AMND than not-married participants (p-value of 0.
Because these two variables appear in multiple places in the regression model with interactions (see Table 3), evaluating how they affect AMND is not straightforward.
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