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Output catch-up involves EMNEs producing output at AMNEs' current standards; while innovation catch-up involves the ability to develop innovative products and services beyond the current output frontier (Brandl and Mudambi 2014; Cantwell and Mudambi 2011).
Mama Amne Kraike-Fakih, mother of four, will cook a selection of her traditional family dishes from her home village of Srifa in Lebanon for "A Taste of Home" Iftar at Spectrum on One.
We asked Lebanese home chef Amne Fakih to shares her personal recipes for a traditional Eid meal.
Atterbom, "Den nya vitterhetsskolans betankande om Svenska akademien och den goda smaken"in Samlade skrifter i obunden stil (Orebro; Lindh, 1866) 308: "Ett poem betraktades sasom ett stycke, en bit vers, en sammansattning af verser, i stallet att dessa verser bort betraktas sasom en succesif utveckling af poemets ide; man tycktes verkligen tro, att ett poetiskt helt uppkommer derigenom att vers skrifves efter vers, rad under rad, till dess versmakaren ej har mer att saga om sitt amne. "
e t bre the fe Arpa Marico concen ab a out t An A Te T nt C al a ter ab a le L a fi ten s "wh survi Liv enou hems eakin ar of aio se opa co ntratio the co Amne City w rnativ e jail f Last Ju ierce h nts he t bre the fe Arpa Marico concen about t An A Tent C alter able L a fi ten Amnesty International report said City was not an "adequate or humane rnative to housing inmates in suite jail facilities".
(9) They were or are located at the Sociedade Portuguesa de Empreendimentos in Lisbon, at the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lisbon (AMNE), at the Geographical Societies in Lisbon and London, and at the National Library in Lisbon.
As described by the National Agency for Energy Management (AMNE), Tunisia solar plan is divided into five major sections classified by areas of activity and energy involving 40 projects.
The $40m credit from AFD is accompanied by a grant for the benefit of the two concerned technical agencies, the "National Agency for Energy Control (AMNE) and the National Agency for Environmental Protection (ANPE).
QUALIFIED doctor Amne Osman must live in hardship in Britain because she cannot get a job.
3.51: amne iubet mergi geminos), one of whom, Romulus, after bestial nursing and foster mothering, killed her other child and then stole yet other unsuspecting women from their families.