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Another reason for the differences between the position statistics and the AMNE statistics is that the AMNE statistics, unlike the position statistics, are not adjusted for the percentage of U.
Building on these separate two-way link projects, a new interagency three-way link project was recently completed involving BRDIS, the AMNE surveys, and the BEA BE-125 quarterly survey of Transactions in Selected Services and Intellectual Property With Foreign Persons.
Direct Investment Abroad (outward statistics on the activities of multinational enterprises (AMNE)) and historical outward AMNE statistics for 1977-2012 are available in electronic files that can be downloaded from BEA's Web site.
corporation became foreign owned as a result of a corporate inversion, but BEA used publicly available sources of information on corporate inversions to estimate the share of the AMNE statistics accounted for by inverted corporations for 2012, the most recent year for which data are available.
multinational enterprise transfers the ownership of some or all of its foreign affiliates to its new foreign owner, both the outward position and the outward AMNE statistics will generally be affected.
The most recent outward AMNE statistics are for 2012 and are described in Raymond J.
Detailed preliminary statistics from the 2012 Benchmark Survey of Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (inward AMNE statistics) have been posted in electronic files that can be downloaded at no charge from BEA's Web site.
Part III (chapters 10-13) provides a summary of statistical methodologies, including key data sources and estimation methods, for the ITAs, the IIP accounts, and AMNE statistics.
Indirect ownership of affiliates, especially through holding companies, appears to be the most important factor accounting for differences between the position statistics and the AMNE statistics in the patterns of investment by country or by industry.
A comparison of the statistics on the outward investment position with the statistics on the assets and the net property, plant, and equipment (PP&E) of foreign affiliates for 2011 (the latest year for which detailed AMNE statistics are available) illustrates the differences in distribution between the position statistics and the AMNE statistics.