AMNHAmerican Museum of Natural History (New York City, NY)
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For example, AMNH offers courses for teachers on topics such as using secondary data analysis; the New York Hall of Science helps students conduct projects related to physics, technology, engineering, and mathematics; the New York Botanical Garden specializes in conservation and biology; the Brooklyn Botanic Garden focuses on conducting controlled experiments with plants, and so on.
After a short presentation by AMNH ichthyology curator John Sparks, journalists participated in a hands-on "obstacle course" constructed by AMNH staff to simulate a variety of challenges scientists encounter trying to detect and film these glowing creatures underwater under dim, blue light conditions.
Olive Yew is among 22 artists selected by Etsy, an online craft seller, to showcase their custom handmade jewelry at AMNH.
The World in Boston' was boxed up and shelved at the AMNH .
With the reopening of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial on October 27, AMNH launched a year-long series of special programs examining the lasting legacy of Theodore Roosevelt's conservation work.
AMNH American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA (Lee H.
cornutus from the eastern Gulf of Mexico containing 43, 47, 63, 100, 103, 172, and 321 specimens are curated in the AMNH fish collection (see Additional material section).
The PC-GCUF 09/24 resembles with PUPC 2002/06, PUPC 02/19, PUPC 02/12, AMNH 19849, AMNH 19317 and AMNH 19587 (identified as Giraffokeryx punjabiensis by Bhatti in 2005 and Colbert in 1935 respectively) in the anteroposterior length and the crown width (Table 1).
Due to the limitation of available specimens from this region, this study is based mainly on the examination of type specimens, which were loaned from the following museums: AMNH = American Museum of Natural History, New York (N.
It might seem that the AMNH represents the old style of collecting and the EOL the new, but I don't think things are that clear-cut.
At a time when scientists and anthropologists believed in racial hierarchy of intelligence, worth, and civilization, these six Inuit were a goldmine for the budding discipline at the AMNH.