AMNHAmerican Museum of Natural History (New York City, NY)
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In an omen for her future, Hayashi's dissertation research was done at the AMNH. When it came time for her post-doctoral fellowship, she headed to a lab at the University of Wyoming to participate in cutting edge research about the spider silk gene.
Specimens UOGPC 17/07, UOGPC 17/04, UOGPC 17/06 resemble with the specimens AMNH 19475, AMNH 19930, AMNH 19311, AMNH 19849 AMNH 19323 as discussed by Pilgrim (1911) (Table I).
Finalmente, para lograr una aproximacion, aunque rudimentaria, a la cronologia del viaje, hemos tambien consultado las bases de datos de las colecciones del AMNH.
As a result of the new partnership between Etsy and the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), a limited edition collection of Olive Yew's necklaces and bracelets will be sold at the AMNH online shop and museum shop.
In 2011, the museum's apps were downloaded nearly 900,000 times and it launched AMNH Explorer--the first app to offer real-time location awareness indoors, using the wireless network to pinpoint users' location and offer turn-by-turn directions through more than 500,000 square feet of exhibition halls, theaters, restaurants, retail shops and restrooms.
Many of the objects first displayed in 1900 at the New York missionary exhibit were taken to the AMNH by Franz Boas until 1911, when they were transferred to Boston for the exposition.
Recorded from Namibia (Olmi 1987b), South Africa (Olmi 2006), Botswana (new record: Serowe, Farmer's Brigade, 1 [male] (AMNH)) and Guinea Bissau (new record: Cacheu Region, 2 km E Bigene, 1.xi.1992, 2 [male] (AMNH, ZIL)).
Gressitt leg., two male paratypes (BPBM, AMNH); Nantou, Wushe, 1150 m, 13.TV.1983, H.
The enduring legacy of a nearsighted, asthmatic New York boy who would become Conservation President is celebrated in a two-story memorial at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), which reopened this fall after an extensive, $40 million renovation supported in large part by state and local funds.