AMNSAirborne Mine Neutralization System
AMNSAscent Media Network Services (California)
AMNSAdapted Modular Number System
AMNSAdept Music Notation Solutions (open software)
AMNSAbnormal Median-Normal Sural (nerve condition)
AMNSAircraft Mounted Nozzle Sidewall
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The Net Insight platform also allows AMNS a high degree of configurability and customization within an assigned amount of bandwidth on the Broadwing network.
The platform can transport multiple protocols such as SDI, ASI and IP over the same infrastructure, so as AMNS grows, it can expand its present use or add additional cities, as well as obtain additional capacity from Broadwing.
AMNS is part of Santa Monica, CA-based Ascent Media Group, which provides a wide range of services to the media entertainment industry.