AMNSAirborne Mine Neutralization System
AMNSAscent Media Network Services (California)
AMNSAdapted Modular Number System
AMNSAdept Music Notation Solutions (open software)
AMNSAbnormal Median-Normal Sural (nerve condition)
AMNSAircraft Mounted Nozzle Sidewall
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AMNS consists of a helicopter-based control console, as well as a launch and handling system (LHS) equipped with four unmanned Archerfish(TM) neutralizer vehicles that destroy mines via remote control from the operator in the helicopter.
Under the contract, Raytheon will assemble, test and deliver three LHS units for AMNS, as well as support equipment.
The next generation SONET/SDH based Nimbra platform is now being used by media companies like AMNS as well as broadcasters, to meet the growing demand for transporting video-intensive rich media, which uses large amounts of bandwidth.
AMNS will rely on Net Insight equipment located at AMNS facilities in New York, Minneapolis Los Angeles, and London, as well as the Net Insight equipment installed on the Broadwing network.
AMNS is part of Santa Monica, CA-based Ascent Media Group, which provides a wide range of services to the media entertainment industry.
The system's performance during testing was excellent and satisfied a significant milestone in the AMNS program.
In addition, the AMNS team streamlined the procurement process and employed innovative production techniques to deliver AMNS to the Navy at an accelerated pace.