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AMOCAlternative Means of Compliance
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AMOCAcoustic Monitoring of Ocean Circulation in the Arctic
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This record showed that around 13,000 years ago, the AMOC weakened about 400 years before the beginning of a major cold spell, known as the Younger Dryas, in which an abrupt temperature drop of about 6[degrees]C occurred over Greenland.
Net profits amounted to EGP 278.4m in the six-month period ended December, versus EGP 745.4m in the prior-year period, AMOC said in a filing to the EGX.
"By mid-century," the researchers concluded, "meltwater from the Greenland ice sheet noticeably disrupts the AMOC," which has already shown signs of slowing down.
The possibility of an AMOC collapse (and ensuing catastrophic climate impacts) even inspired a sensational Hollywood film, The Day After Tomorrow.
"A bias-corrected model puts AMOC in a realistic stability regime and predicts a future AMOC collapse with prominent cooling over the northern North Atlantic and neighboring areas."
But global warming hampers the cooling of the water, while melting ice in the Arctic, particularly from Greenland, floods the area with less dense freshwater, weakening the Amoc current.
The coupling of AMOc and NAOp phases was in place from 1971 through 1994 (first regime, wet); the coupling of AMOw and NAOn phases was in place from 1995 through 2013 (second regime, dry).
"Observationally based freshwater budget analyses suggest that the AMOC is in an unstable regime susceptible for large changes in response to perturbations.
(AMOC), an APC affiliate which is the largest firm of its kind in Egypt producing mineral and hydraulic oils, has a 100,000 t/y plant built at the Mex complex.
The trength of ocean current ha been meaured by a network of enor, called the RAPID array, which have been collecting data on the flow rate of the Atlantic meridonal overturning circulation (AMOC) for a decade.
The OAM Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) provides detection, monitoring, sorting, tracking, and coordination of law enforcement response to suspect airborne and maritime activity at, beyond, and internal to our nation's borders.