AMODArkansas Museum of Discovery (Little Rock, AK)
AMODAssociation for the Management of Organization Design
AMODArmy's Mobility Opportunity & Development Program
AMODArchitectural Management on Demand (China)
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Georgia Tech (GT) is a major public university in Atlanta, Georgia and the most urban of the ten AMOD sites.
Consistent with AMOD goals, GT formed a campus-community coalition with a mission to change the alcohol environment on campus and in the Atlanta community by focusing its efforts on creating strategies to change the environment that passively permits or actively encourages high-risk drinking.
GT's major contribution to the AMOD national project has been its success with community policies and having an impact on a large urban area.
Georgia Tech, July 2004) Adapted from another AMOD project at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, BASS was the first of its kind in Georgia.
Georgia Tech was part of the Harvard School of Public Health AMOD interim evaluation 1997-2001 even though the project was the last two schools to become part of AMOD.
Each university invited to receive an AMOD grant met several criteria.
It is outside the scope of this paper to describe all of the activities undertaken by the AMOD coalitions, but they did emphasize policy development and measures to improve enforcement, education of officials and administrators and the public (via the media) about the policy proposals, and extensive use of advocacy to support change.
The Harvard AMOD evaluation compared drinking and harm patterns at the 10 AMOD schools to 32 comparison colleges that had also participated in the national CAS survey.
The evaluators found reductions in drinking rates and alcohol-related harms at the five AMOD colleges that most fully implemented the program and no reductions at the five (LOW) universities that had conducted fewer interventions, nor at the 32 comparison colleges.
This analysis provides only a limited look at the data generated by AMOD.