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Their actions, effected by "Buck and Buddy," could invoke, nevertheless, the aura and heft of "Amodeus and Theophilus." They stood as beacons for a new way of seeing the South's intractable race relations, but a way of seeing that Faulkner found efficacious to broach in broad comic strokes.
The first entry introduces the Beauchamps into the family: Tennie Beauchamp 21yrs Won by Amodeus McCaslin from Hubert Beauchamp Esqre Possible Strait against three Treys in sigt Not called 1859 Marrid to Tomys Turl 1859 (p.
There follow entries recording her progeny, the first in Buck's hand: Amodeus McCaslin Beauchamp Son of Tomes Turl @ Tennie Beauchamp 1859 dide 1859
James Thucydus Beauchamp Son of Tomes Turl and Tenny Beauchamp Born 29th december 1864 and both Well Wanted to call him Theophilus but Tride Amodeus McCaslin and Callina McCaslin and both dide so Disswaded Them Born at Two clock A, m, both Well (p.
In the twins Theophilus and Amodeus, whose very names are mirrors, Faulkner shows us two sides of the same coin: the masculine and feminine McCaslin.