AMOEA More Obvious Ending (anime)
AMOEAssistance à Maitrîse d'Oeuvre (French)
AMOEAll Marine and Offshore Enterprise (UK)
AMOEAlt.Marketing.Online.Ebay (Usenet group)
AMOEAlternative Means Of Entry
AMOEAngel Moms On Earth
AMOEAsh Made Our Eyes (band)
AMOEAgencia Municipal de Oportunidad de Empleo (Spanish: Municipal Agency Employment Opportunity)
AMOEAllowable Margin of Error
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This contract concerns the amoe services related to non-source electricity distribution works for the enedis regional office, 2019/2023.
The AMOE must be of "equal dignity" with the paid method of entry.
(20.) Amoe Meyer, interview by Palota Purcell, February 19, 1985, transcript, LOHP, 5.
- project management services as a delegated moe, - integration, design and implementation services for it projects (project management assistance (amoe)): - on a complete design project until the end of vsr, - or parts of a project or a technical operation such as, for example: the design part of a project, the realization part: parameter setting, development, ...
Contract notice: moe, amoe and amo missions in urban planning, highways and networks (vrd) and airport people mover (apm)
The scope of the benefits, subject of this opinion, are as follows: assignments of assistance to project management in office of study "weak currents" and "strong currents" following: - amoe mission synthesis - management and realization, - amoe mission study and realization - systems deployment, - mission amoe study and realization - backgrounds man machine interface.
The scope of the contract is the project ownership assistance (amoa) (lot 1) and project management assistance (amoe) services (lot 2).
Contract notice: Amoe bureau d~tudes (graphical synthesis) for railway transport systems and all state bodies.
This package includes all the services of amoe out of package in connection with the tools of development of the information systems and in particular in the following areas: - new information technologies - mediation - business intelligence / decision-making - office automation - client server - mainframe / large systems - ged-editique - testing tools - digital & Amp; Big data within this batch, All types of services described in section 2.3.2 are potentially implemented.