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AMOEBAAdvanced Multiple Organized Experimental Basin
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Two Louisiana residents died in 2011 from an infection caused by an amoeba that was likely delivered directly to their brains via a neti pot, a device that some people use to flush out their sinuses.
Strong evidence that some Parachlamydiaceae could be pathogenic came from the identification of Hall's coccus in an amoeba isolated from the source of an outbreak of humidifier-associated fever in the United States, as well as related serologic studies (16).
The study finds that amoebas are appearing often enough in water supplies and even in treated tap water to be considered a potential health risk.
The social amoebas then mix uneaten bacteria into reproductive structures that release spores complete with starter kits for planting a new food patch, Brock and colleagues report in the Jan.
NASDAQ: MNPI), developer of PC and Macintosh utility products, today announced that it will offer a free disinfector to combat the Maltese Amoeba virus.
to perform at 7 tonight at Amoeba Music (6400 Sunset Blvd.
A species of amoeba seems to possess a rudimentary form of memory that keeps it from walking around in circles.
He owns every Michael Jackson album, every bootleg, every foreign release, every concert video, but headed up to Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard to buy some hip-hop CDs he could use to make a tribute Jackson mix tape.
Saw an amoeba Tuesday, a little one-cell wonder trying to evolve into something inside a Dodgers uniform.
Rhino was the setting for countless free gigs long before Amoeba Records extended the practice.
Joining the OSPA today are Acme Packet, alexis communications, Amoeba Telecom, congruency, ipx, iTelco Communications, Linguateq, Luminous Networks, MasterMind Technologies, NetReality, Riparius Ventures, SnowShore Networks, Switch Management, and Texas IT.