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AMOKA Modular Operating Kernel
AMOKArkansas Mini Owners Klub (est. 2006)
AMOKAllehanda Musik Och Komik (Swedish: All Kinds of Music and Comedy)
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Besa and her team made it more special-and truly Pinoy- by serving the catfish amok with veggie-fried Ominio heirloom rice from the Mountain Province on the side.
Verdict prompted thugs to run amok through the Old Bailey and threaten jurors Duggan the beengreen Are mourn
Tim Vaughan, trainer of Amok "He seems in good form at home and his win last time has done his confidence the world of good.
The administration has stated that Bush won't attend, and certainly isn't going to let EPA Administrator Christine Whitman run amok with so many European environmentalists.
Eden Strang ran amok naked with a sword at Thornton Heath, South London, in November 1999.
Leaders who freely vent their anger, catastrophize or otherwise let their distressing emotions run amok can't also lead the group into a positive register, where the best work gets done," the authors write.
In 1995, the justices ruled that an Oregon school, whose jocks were reportedly using drugs and running amok, could test student athletes.
The wild elephants frequently run amok in the resettlement area in Tanah Jambo, some 98 kilometers from Lhokseumawe.
In this way the `o' of amok came to sound less like the hollow knock of wood inside bamboo, than the low curtsey of a `u', ululated in the back of Dutch and English palates.
While critics say this is all just hype run amok, others hope It will live up to its promises.
Yoko Tawada's brand of fantasy, however, does not follow the conventions of modern fantasy, in which technology runs amok in a bleak, unknowable world.