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AMOKA Modular Operating Kernel
AMOKArkansas Mini Owners Klub (est. 2006)
AMOKAllehanda Musik Och Komik (Swedish: All Kinds of Music and Comedy)
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From writer Christopher Sebela and artist Shawn McManus, House Amok #1 is out now priced PS3.35.
The Liberal party too has run amok with all the scandals, and same sex "marriage" and abortion approval; and now the subject of euthanasia is being brought up.
Finally ( seeing you've all been so good ( a story about a group of drunken monkeys running amok in an Indian village.
A sort of Time Warner Center run amok, the eponymous Franklin Abraham takes the concept of mixed-use development to decadent extremes, comprising apartments, offices, casinos, theme restaurants, upscale lounges, dingy demimonde salons, retail operations both licit and illicit, and a "Sky Park." Its inhabitants, who converse in a quasi-absurdist mixture of reality-TV banalities and over-the-top cyberpunk argot, are equally heterogeneous, encompassing every imaginable social type, from ladies who lunch to a bizarre gang of pseudo-Hasidic squatters.
Sure, it's feasible that Coca-Cola's board acted maladroitly in tapping retiree Neville Isdell as the company's new CEO ("Directors Run Amok at Coke," Final Word, June).
The attack at a mosque inside a government-run religious school triggered unrest in Karachi and hundreds of youths ran amok burning cars and petrol stations.
The first Taser to be fired in Wales was against a dog that ran amok in Wrexham.
Of course, this was a nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century teaching technique that sometimes ran amok. (Hans yon Buelow's fanciful explanation of the Chopin Preludes immediately springs to mind.) But going to the other extreme, as we have in the latter part of the last century, produces technically inadequate or colorless performances.
It is believed the animals were let out from the College Farm by Gelli Aur park in Carmarthenshire over two nights to run amok over lawns and grassland.
The Edsel story is one everyone knows: A cautionary tale of the dangers of research run amok, questionable styling, and bad timing.
The sophisticated search for common ground reflects the reality of an increasingly integrated world economy: Countries may disagree on a specific issue, but they will meet again on others so emotions cannot be allowed to run amok. Ronald may burn on the Latin street from time to time, but cooler heads will keep protests from poisoning relations.