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AMOLAustralian Museums Online (website)
AMOLA Memory of Light (Wheel of Time series, book 12; Robert Jordan)
AMOLActive Management of Labor
AMOLAutomated Measurement of Lineup
AMOLAim Motivate Outline Link (teaching method)
AMOLAcute Monocytic Leukemia (also seen as AML)
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AMOL Muzumdar has never spoken to Rajinder Goel, and has seen him only once.
Names of Vendors Qualified after Technical Evaluation : 1) AMOL TRADERS
During the digital video encoding process, valuable data is stripped out of the VBI (Vertical Blanking Interval) of standard definition video including: closed captioning, AMOL (Automated Measurement of Lineups -- used for rating measurements), XDS data for V-Chip, and Teletext in Europe.