AMOLADA Matter Of Life And Death (British movie)
AMOLADA Matter of Life and Death (Iron Maiden album)
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is a film which questions the values by which people live, coming down firmly on the side of the anti-materialistic, full of the idealism about what might constitute a better postwar world, and AMOLAD, even more explicitly, affirms the need for Anglo-American cooperation in the interests of peace, following its wartime achievement.
His 1995 book, Arrows of Desire, was more directly concerned with critical appraisal of the films, including AMOLAD, which was intended to satisfy Powell's 'ambition to create a vast panorama of national history' but was at the same time an 'epic that balances on the subtle point of what Chesterton termed a "tremendous trifle"'.
Christie places AMOLAD in relation to what was going on in Hollywood in the forties: there was, for instance, a spate of two-world fantasies; to its function as a propaganda exercise in the cultivation of post-war Anglo-American relations; to the vogue for stylization and the influence of radio; and to the general tendencies of British cinema in the latter half of the forties.