AMOMAirfield Management Operations Manager (various companies)
AMOMAustin Mothers of Multiples
AMOMAncient Mystic Order of Melchizedek (Eatonton, GA)
AMOMAirport and Maritime Operations Manual
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In addition to what AMoM brings to their clients, Martin wants this expansion to provide a way to walk their talk by creating a uniquely connected group of individuals to work together at AMoM.
She joined the AMoM team to share not only inspiration, but her wisdom and insight learned through owning her own business.
Corresponding Author: Zulkhairi Hj Amom, PhD., Department of Human Anatomy, Division of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang Selangor, Malaysia.
Last month ZDF aired a big-budget Dieter Wedel pic "Mein Alter Freund Fritz" that pulled in about 5 million viewers; in January some 9 million tuned into another ZDF production, the $14 million three-parter "Afrika Mon Amom."
Even though adolescent motherhood is likely to have an effect on everyone in the family, health care typically centers on the adolescent mother (AMOM) and overlooks the involvement of other family members (Clemmens, 2003; Roye & Balk, 1997).
Role blocking occurs when the AMOM does not assume the maternal role because either she surrenders it to her mother or her mother usurps it.
'To them,I'm just amom who drives them crazy,'she said.'I've been in Playboy, sure,but I can still be lunch monitor at their school on Wednesdays.My kids couldn't care less.' It's a rough shift, though.There's plenty of tears and snotters,elbowing,jostling,hair-pulling and biting.And that's just the teachers arguing about whose turn it is to beon cafeteria duty.
Through His Excellency General Pagan Amom Okeg, Secretary General of SPLM
Pagan Amom, SPLM Secretary General in Nairobi, who promised me a ticket and accommodation in Juba.
behaviors that may be taught to AMOMs to encourage them to care for themselves and their children.
no difference in the amount of care that AMOMs expected to provide for their mothers and the amount of care that AMOMs expected to provide for their infants.