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AMOSAdd Me on Snapchat (social media)
AMOSAdvanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (conference)
AMOSAsset Management Operating System (software)
AMOSAdvanced Mortar System
AMOSAustralian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
AMOSAir Mobility Operations Squadron
AMOSAir Management Oversight System
AMOSAtomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences
AMOSAutomatic Meteorological Observing Station
AMOSAdditional Military Occupational Specialty
AMOSAircraft Maintenance and Engineering System
AMOSAmerican Stock Exchange Options Switching System
AMOSAF Maui Optical Station
AMOSAutomated Meteorological Observing System
AMOSARPA Maui Optical Station
AMOSAdditionally Awarded Military Occupational Specialty
AMOSAccess Mechanized Order System (Hekimian)
AMOSAcadémie du Management des Organisations Sportives (Paris, France)
AMOSAcoustic, Meteorological, Oceanographic Survey
AMOSAcoustic Meteorological Observing System
AMOSAzimuthally Symmetric Mode Simulator
AMOSAircraft Maintenance Operations Simulation
AMOSAutomated Maintenance Order System (Sprint)
AMOSAirspace Management Omnibus Study
AMOSAmmunition Out-Load System
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And now that the Commonwealth Games are back in April, the big question is; will Amos defend his title in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
In reading this postwar classic children's tale, it is interesting to note that each of the tradesmen Amos visits while searching for his moon is from a different country.
Al Bawaba spoke to Amos to get his story on what exact went down with Biden.
In December 2008, Amos travelled to Japan with the Manchester United squad for the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup, having been called up as a late replacement for Ben Foster, who had suffered a hand injury while training.
Now that the AMOS implementation has been successfully completed, Oman Air Engineering & Maintenance Division is equipped with a state-of-the-art MRO software solution which helps them to provide services to the Oman Air fleet and third-party customers in a highly professional and efficient way while allowing them at the same time to introduce new technologies in their maintenance environment.
After a haggard, blood-covered Amos emerged, officers retrieved his rifle and he was marched off to prison.
Despite years of extensive training and playing for Manchester United, it has been highly noted how Ben Amos mostly spent his play time on the bench.
My father was a consummate businessman who led with compassion and dignity," said Daniel Amos, chairman and CEO, in a statement.
But it is up-and-coming ten-year-old Wise Crack who excites Amos the most having finished fourth together at Burnham Market, seventh at Chatsworth and fifth at Bramham this season.
AMOS completely fulfills Oman Air s requirement to advantage from state-of-the-art developments and industry benchmarks in MRO software, to maintain and expand its competitive benefit.
Oman's national carrier has an open and flexible approach to re-engineering its processes in accordance with proven aviation best-practices, which will be implemented with AMOS.
asked Amos, smiling again to try to put the man at ease.