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AMOSAdd Me on Snapchat (social media)
AMOSAdvanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (conference)
AMOSAsset Management Operating System (software)
AMOSAdvanced Mortar System
AMOSAustralian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
AMOSAir Mobility Operations Squadron
AMOSAir Management Oversight System
AMOSAtomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences
AMOSAutomatic Meteorological Observing Station
AMOSAdditional Military Occupational Specialty
AMOSAircraft Maintenance and Engineering System
AMOSAmerican Stock Exchange Options Switching System
AMOSAutomated Meteorological Observing System
AMOSARPA Maui Optical Station
AMOSAF Maui Optical Station
AMOSAdditionally Awarded Military Occupational Specialty
AMOSAccess Mechanized Order System (Hekimian)
AMOSAcadémie du Management des Organisations Sportives (Paris, France)
AMOSAcoustic, Meteorological, Oceanographic Survey
AMOSAzimuthally Symmetric Mode Simulator
AMOSAcoustic Meteorological Observing System
AMOSAmmunition Out-Load System
AMOSAirspace Management Omnibus Study
AMOSAircraft Maintenance Operations Simulation
AMOSAutomated Maintenance Order System (Sprint)
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Mulbah told journalists that Amos has over the past been disrespectful to him.Mr.
With his teammate, Harun Abda from Oregon Track Club setting the pace, the ball is now in Amos' court to bring the highly coveted Diamond trophy home.
They're amazing to see." This year Mr Amos, who uses 30 bags of compost a year, expanded his collection and grew potatoes and beans as a surprise for his grandchildren, which they have since helped him pick.
Defence solicitor Anna Midgley said Amos had a "completely clean licence" and was "not generally a risky driver", describing the tragedy as a "momentary lapse in concentration."
Not knowing what to do with it, Amos called ( Wata Games , a company that grades video game cartridges, CDs and consoles, for collectors.
Amos could well start on Saturday against Italy, hoping this time things will work out a little differently.
This event benefits the I'm Still Here Foundation, founded by Adrian Amos, for Alzheimers, a disease that has affected Adrian's loved ones.
Amos was reaching for the phone to call Jake with the good news when the girls dashed toward the front door, barking and sniffing.
But the haunting refrain found five times in chapter 4 reveals their stone-cold hearts: "But still you would not return to me" (Amos 4:6,8,9,10,11).
Jonathan died somewhere between 1788 and 1790, leaving Amos to claim the property.
Although Paul William agreed the 'man must have the moon so he can dream,' he was unable to help Amos, so he gave him a lemon to keep his spirits up for the search.
As he was part of the infantry, Amos knows some of the 18 foreign volunteers who have died fighting Daesh with the YPG.