AMOSSAirline Maintenance and Operation Support System
AMOSSAustralian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System (National Health and Medical Research Council; Australia)
AMOSSAir and Marine Operations Surveillance System (US DHS)
AMOSSAmbulance Management & Operational Support System (Criticare Medical Ltd., UK)
AMOSSAlarm Monitoring Operational Support System
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As Amoss subsequently said, the Duke story was "all-consuming" and "to a certain extent, the ethical dilemmas were solved by the momentum of the story itself.
Amoss Jr., "Seasonal reproductive cycle of the Kemp's ridleyseaturtle (Lepidochelys kempi)" General and Comparative Endocrinology, vol.
Excepto Jim Amoss, director del periodico durante mucho tiempo, directivos veteranos del diario en papel como Ashton Phelps, seran reemplazados por altos directivos de Advance que estaran a la cabecera de los nuevos experimentos online.
Up until then, exceptional defending from the back four of Matty Mendum, Jamie Lawson, Charlie Amoss, and especially Jack Walther, kept the score at 1-0.
The points were shared at Marine Reserves (Paul Pearson 2, Tom Amoss) where Marshalls (Phil Davies, Jay Nilson, Jamie Doyle) were the visitors and at Helsby )Matty Johnson) who played host to Upton AA (Richard Smart).
Cowcliffe Lib B 1 Honley Con A 3 - H Stoney (42) 57 G Broadhead (21) 88, S Rogers (21) 78 Bri Dyson (32) 53, AMoss (21) 43 D Rowbottom (19) 74, TWhiteley (39) 72 H Walker (35) 94.
Once the survey was complete, prioritization for format migration was developed based on the intellectual value of recordings as determined by UW linguistics faculty member Sharon Hargus and Jacobs Research Funds board member Pamela Amoss. Once priority had been assigned for format migration, it was determined, based on current best practices as outlined by Sound Directions (a project of Indiana University; directions), that digitization would be the method of format migration undertaken.
T Thayalakulasingam, A Njoku, J Hamide, J Amoss, and E Currie
The AMOC produces a comprehensive air surveillance radar picture through its Air and Marine Operations Surveillance System (AMOSS).
The editor of the New Orleans Times Picayune, Jim Amoss says "Clearly, an ambitious and very clever young man.
"Walt taught generations of reporters how to report," says Times-Picayune Editor Jim Amoss. "They watched him juggle phone calls, cradling a receiver to each ear, disarming and sweet-talking cops and lawyers and crime victims.