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AMOURAutonomous Modular Optical Underwater Robot (artificial intelligence)
AMOURA Mutually-Orthogonal Usercode Receiver
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LEO (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23) Without exchanging a word, you know exactly what your amour needs to be fulfilled.
Mon Amour Coffee and Wine, a Parisian-inspired cafe and wine bar, signed a long-term lease to occupy approximately 1,000 s/f on the ground floor of the 25-story building, located at 50 Nepperhan Street.
Saint Amour Domaine Matray (PS16.60, not only ticks the Valentine's Day box with its name, but also has a heartshaped design on its label.
Like his character in "Amour," this Georges, as we gradually learn, has also helped his infirm wife shuffle off this mortal coil, in an act of tenderness that is fraught with troubling moral implications.
A toi pour toujours, ton amour et ta femme - Moi,' Curtis greeted Heussaff, telling him she loves him, and that she is his forever.
Hiroshima mon amour, la celebre oeuvre de Marguerite Duras ecrite pour le cinema en 1958 et portee a l'ecran par Alain Resnais en 1959, presente une histoire d'adultere hors-norme dans la mesure oU les deux heros, s'ils tombent violemment amoureux l'un de l'autre lors d'une rencontre de passage, expliquent qu'ils sont heureux avec leur epoux respectif: "Lui: 'Je suis un homme qui est heureux avec sa femme.'--Elle: 'Moi aussi je suis une femme qui est heureuse avec son mari.' Ceci est dit dans une emotion veritable" (OC II 45-46, italiques de l'auteur).
The Grade Two affair has drawn some decent winners in the past and Amour De Nuit looks a useful type, having won three of his eight runs over hurdles to date.
Armed with the right fabrics, a zero-waste philosophy and a manufacturing process completely based in the United States, Amour Vert quickly became the goldstandard of environmentally-friendly fashion.
"Amour means 'Love' in French, and i would like take this moment to thank the woman behind me, who helped me realize that 'love could change a man, and is a vital tool to achieve the whole world even after loosing everything one has', thanks Roshni Moorthy.
Now 85 years after what put Oman on the global map, Mark, Mohamed and Amour, are aiming to re-enact the feat to celebrate the 45th National Day by travelling on foot and camels.
GORDON AMOUR'S celebration has been widely broadcast on social media ever since Edinburgh University sent Aberdeen spinning out of the Scottish Cup.
The author identifies the book as concerned with two major issues: politics (prudence) and art (the concept of fin amour, what we might now call noble or great love).