AMP3Asset Management Plan 3 (UK)
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Senzari will be unveiling the initial concept of Senzari mobile at LeWeb Paris on December 4-6th, along with the latest version of its AMP3 engine and other exciting products that the Company has been developing for publishers around the world.
Senzari's radio stations are powered by its proprietary AMP3 engine, which uniquely combines the user's music and social graph to create an adaptable and personalized music experience from a catalog of over 15 million songs.
With AMP3, Senzari becomes the first Internet radio provider to truly take advantage of all the data that is being generated today across digital services, from user data emanating from social networks and music streaming services, to the contextual music information that is created every second by smart devices, music blogs and the artists themselves," explained Bill Hajjar, Founder and CEO of Senzari.
More importantly, Senzari's AMP3 allows the users to further refine the song recommendations within a station based on music and artist parameters.
The AMP3 technology is revolutionary within the music recommendation space, as it is the first engine to be modeled after a semantic network that includes an API architected similarly to Facebook's OGP (Open Graph Protocol).
For the fans, it will be business as usual here at AMP3.
00 royalty per download; an artist will have to sign a one-year exclusive contract with AMP3.
I am very impressed with the manner and expedience of service from John Ryder and Borg Internet Services," said Bob Welch, sales and marketing director for AMP3.
The group was asked to join the Woodstock artist roster at the invitation of AMP3.
We are very excited to introduce Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire to the fans at Woodstock, the music industry and the world at large, by making the group part of this monumental event," said Michael Sharp, President/Founder of AMP3.