AMP3Asset Management Plan 3 (UK)
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A third amplifier, Amp3, an RF amplifier, made around a precision op-amplifier (Analog Devices OP37), recovers the ac signal and amplifies it for presenting to the lock-in amplifier for final analysis and detection.
Firstly, it is evident that required protection is always larger when an amplifier is connected to the RF input of the receiver (data lines AMP1, AMP2, AMP3) as compared to results with no amplifier (data line STB).
MyOne Tosylactivated Dynabeads coated with the chemically synthesized MAP-specific biotinylated peptides aMp3 and aMptD were used by Foddai et al.
[32] reproducibly detected MAP in bulk milk samples using MagneSphere streptavidin paramagnetic beads coated with either phage fMp3 or peptide aMp3 in combination with ISMav2 PCR.
Samples were diluted 10x in modified 7H9 Media Plus and MyOne Tosylactivated Dynabeads coated with biotinylated peptides (5 [micro]L aMp3, 5 [micro]L aMptD) were used.
As previously mentioned, a QTL near Amp3 on chromosome 5 was significantly associated with grain yield in both backcrosses, and in both cases the heterozygote marker class (MB or BM) was superior to either homozygote (MM or BB) class.
(1990) method to our genetic stocks and created two sets of [BC.sub.2][S.sub.1] NILs focusing on recombination events in the region on chromosome 5 associated with Amp3. The first goal was to evaluate the targeted region on chromosome 5 in more detail, which included identifying and characterizing the independent genetic factors in this region.
(1992) study were identified with a high proportion (approximately 60% based on 76 RFLP and isozyme markers) of Mo17 background and contained the B73 chromosomal segment between Amp3 and Pgm2 on chromosome 5.
The QTL showing the largest effect on grain yield in the current study was near NPI449, adjacent to Amp3, and was significant only in crosses to the Mo17 tester.
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