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AMPAAlpha-Amino-3-Hydroxy-5-Methyl-4-Isoxazole Propionic Acid
AMPAA-Amino-3-Hydroxy-5-Methyl-4-Isoxazolepropionic Acid
AMPAAgricultural Marketing Programs Act (Canada)
AMPAAmerican Medical Publishers Association
AMPAAlberta Magazine Publishers Association
AMPAAmerica-Pacific (region)
AMPAAustralian Mooney Pilots Association (est. 1991)
AMPAAccident and Medical Practitioners Association (New Zealand)
AMPAAlbuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area
AMPAAdvanced Mission Planning Aid
AMPAAssociation for Merchandise Planning and Allocation
AMPAAssociate of the Master Photographers Association
AMPAAdaptive Multibeam Phased Array
AMPAAutomated & Mechanical Parking Association
AMPAAlberta Mohair Producers Association
AMPAAsociación de Madres y Padres de Alumnes
AMPAAdvanced Parallel Multimedia Accelerator
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AMPA receptors mediate fast excitatory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system, a process which can be disrupted in a number of neurological and psychiatric diseases, including schizophrenia.
Providing software and associated services for AMPA and its beneficiaries.
Considering the wide use of the herbicide glyphosate in the Maringa region it is necessary the constant monitoring of water samples to check if the currently water treatment employed in city has been efficient to eliminate GLYP and AMPA contamination.
The lack of spousal benefits, the incessant questions from coworkers operating under the DADT tautology, and just a general fear of being out are all real issues that she continues to address through her work with AMPA.
So, only a significant depolarization-such as that caused by the activation of AMPA type glutamate receptors-will unblock the [Mg.
En el Estado Espanol han predominado los estudios sobre la participacion de las familias en los organos formales de los centros educativos (Sarramona, 2001; Santos Guerra, 1997; Feito 1992) y los trabajos basados en encuestas y entrevistas a miembros de AMPA y el resto de la comunidad educativa donde se tratan cuestiones muy amplias y genericas sobre su funcionamiento y sobre temas de participacion y las relaciones con la escuela (Garreta, 2008a y 2008b; Panellas & Aguacil, 2008; Sarramona, 2001).
According to TAITRA's survey findings, most buyers said product innovation at both Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei was the major reason they returned.
Responsible for all technical, safety and flight standards, along with instructing in simulators, the newest members of AMPA/SPEEA currently work mainly in Renton, Washington, and like existing AMPA members, their work includes training the pilots of airline customers on Boeing aircraft, including the 787.
Because these receptors are so similar in structure, it was assumed that they function in much the same way, but when we altered the dimer interface, the site where two subunits come together within each pair, we found that the NMDA receptor works just the opposite of the way that the AMPA receptor works," points out Popescu.
AMPA pilots recently voted to start discussions with SPEEA, while the field service representatives are reportedly collecting union authorisation cards in preparation for a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) representation election.
C AMPA IGNER S h a v e launched an internet campaign to reinstate a minister who had an affair with one of his flock.