AMPASAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (since 1927; Beverly Hills, California)
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The Hollywood delegation also includes AMPAS president Sid Ganis, former president Frank Pierson, and producer William Horberg.
But, because I never "applied" to the AMPAS for anything, the Academy's following edict killed any chance of me crashing the Oscars: "As we are able to accommodate only about one-third of the media outlets that apply for credentials, we hope you consider your access to the event a privilege."
Oscar host Chris Rock drew generally positive reviews for attacking the diversity crisis with biting jokes, but ongoing pressure could put AMPAS in a mood to cut a deal.
Ampas published the full list of films put forward on its website, which includes other likely award nominees Captain Philips, Philomena and Nebraska.
In addition to her tenure as AMPAS president from 1979-83, Kanin was chair of the National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress for two decades, served on the boards of the Academy and of the American Film Institute, was president of the screen branch of the Writers Guild of America and served as an officer of the Writers Guild Foundation.
The Oscars are theoretically about artistic achievement, but this debate is really about the industry's bottom line, as Ganis admitted in a recent letter in the AMPAS newsletter.
He hopes the original statuette resurfaces and wrote that "if one day it should crop up on eBay," AMPAS will use "the available legal means" to return it to Howard.
But this year's BAFTA nominations will be announced just two days before the first Oscar poll closes--and remember, AMPAS (unlike BAFTA, which has switched to online voting) still uses snail mail, so most ballots will already have be sent in by the time BAFTA reveals its short list.
Maria Full of Grace (Fine Line/HBO Films) AMPAS Members Only
Roughly 500 BAFTA members also belong to AMPAS. BAFTA's looser rules means that the studios can target this swing vote more aggressively than Oscar regs would allow.
House of Flying Daggers (Sony Classics) AMPAS Members Only
But we're just doing a little snooping about one of the most prized pieces of arcana enshrined at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS): its jealously guarded membership directory.