AMPATHAcademic Model for the Prevention and Treatment of HIV
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The Ampath team will also train the county hospitals' referral staff.
During January 2014-December 2016, various Ampath regional clinical laboratories referred 1,247 unique clinical, carbapenem (i.e., ertapenem, meropenem, or imipenem) nonsusceptible K.
We would like to thank Dr Knobleugh (Ampath Laboratories) and associated staff for their assistance with calculating the blood alcohol levels and Prof B Sartorius for his statistical input.
The authors also thank the Department of Haematology and NHLS partners at the University of Pretoria, Ampath, Vermaak and Vennote, Dr.
He joined the private practice of doctors Du Buisson and partners (Ampath) after two years as a consultant at the Institute of Pathology in Pretoria.
* Ampath Laboratories for its assistance with phlebotomy and chemical pathology.
From Ampath Pathology Laboratories, and the Department of Anatomical Pathology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa.
Ken Gerdes set out to learn more about providing treatment to HIV-positive patients in Africa, he teamed up with the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH), which currently operates 18 clinics in western Africa and treats more than 100,000 patents.
These included the successful implementation of a new pricing structure, the opening of two private public partnership hospitals and the finalisation of the Ampath sale.
This collaboration is responsible for the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH), one of sub-Saharan Africa's largest health care programs.
As part of this effort, P&G will create an awareness campaign to reach at least 300 million people and will significantly expand its efforts to provide safe drinking water to people living with AIDS through new programs by AED, AMPATH, CARE, Child Fund International, FHI, FXB, International Council of Nurses, PSI, UNC- Chapel Hill Medical School, Village AIDS Clinics, and WorldVision by providing at least 250 million liters of safe drinking water to this vulnerable population.