AMPATHAcademic Model for the Prevention and Treatment of HIV
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President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among other sources, AMPATH provides free medication, clinic visits, food, counseling, job assistance, and orphanage services.
In addition, AMPATH started a program called Legal Aid Center of Eldoret (LACE), which provides legal assistance to impoverished individuals suffering from AIDS.
The Kitale AMPATH clinic is located at the district hospital.
At AMPATH clinics, viral load testing is now mandatory in all cases of suspected treatment failure, but, say the authors: 'We recognize the fact that .
I've long-admired Bob's charitable work for AMPATH, particularly his efforts toward helping children through the group's Orphan and Vulnerable Children program," Brown said.
In addition to providing HIV-positive patients throughout western Kenya with life-saving anti-retroviral medicines, AMPATH extends the provision of medical treatment to address the poverty that fuels the deadly virus.
AMPATH has been nominated multiple times for the Nobel Peace Prize.
As part of this agreement, the NAP of the Americas will serve as the home of the AMPATH Network and South Florida's Internet2 GigaPoP.
The AMPATH Network and South Florida's Internet2(R) GigaPoP will also be connected within the interim NAP.
AMEX:TWW), a global leader in providing Internet infrastructure and managed services to the telecommunications industry, today announced that Terremark's NAP of the Americas will serve as the home of the AMPATH Network and South Florida's Internet2(R) GigaPoP.
AMPATH, a project developed by Florida International University (FIU) in collaboration with Global Crossing, interconnects the research and education networks in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and other countries to U.
She also helped create AMPATH, the strategic Internet 2 University network that will connect more than 250 universities throughout Latin America and the United States.