AMPCAxiomatic Multi-Platform C (C language compiler that generates Java Bytecode)
AMPCAssociated Mail & Parcel Centers
AMPCAutomatic Mail Processing Centre (India)
AMPCAutomatic Message Processing Center
AMPCActive Metallic Photonic Crystal
AmpCclass C Betalactamse
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The AMPC is not just a technical success; it is also an economic success
A predicted trend line has been integrated into the AMPC that is able to anticipate events and change specific settings at exactly the right time.
Major Differences between the Affiliated Medical Practice Corporation and the Independent Group Without Walls: * Ownership: The AMPC is owned by the hospital or the hospital holding company and, by extension of the not-for-profit concept, by the community.
Governance: 100 percent participation by stockholders on all decisions or representative decision process through elected board; hospital participation in governance (If this is an AMPC, physician participation in governance); community representation?
Forbes will recognize the most prolific AMPC scouts-- those who recommended the most AMPC candidates--on Forbes.
16 on the 2009 AMPC list, which has raised $26 million in fresh capital since appearing on the list.
The AMPC video series of one-on-one consultations with the best in the business also features: singer Jewel, with tips for success; Hollywood stylist Sally Hershberger, with advice for an emerging master barber; health care mogul Nicholas Perricone, who guides a small vitamin and skincare outfit; and grocery tycoon John Catsimatidis, who encourages a small natural grocer.
Forbes launched its search for America's Most Promising Companies in May 2009, with a new site section and an invitation for businesses to take a free assessment survey (provided by The Venture Alliance) to be considered for Forbes' inaugural AMPC ranking.
Office OCR Cell, ASP Room, Confrence Room and Customer Care Centre SPC at AMPC New Delhi.
SAB MedConsult and AMPC were requested to elaborate the ORIO application and to carry out the project development phase.
He cited research showing that of 29 million prepacked parcels presented for shipping at AMPC store member locations, one in 200 contained HAZMAT or prohibited/restricted/illegal contents in a recent 12-month period.
NDM]-carrying plasmid were identified by using the Check-MDR CT101 Microarray Assay (Check-Points BV, Wageningen, the Netherlands), which detects genes encoding extended-spectrum [beta]-lactamases (ESBLs) (TEM, SHV, and CTX-M), plasmid-mediated AmpCs (CMY, DHA, FOX, MOX, ACC, MIR, and ACT), as well as KPC and NDM (23).