AMPCOAtlantic Methanol Production Company
AMPCOAssociation of Major Power Consumers in Ontario (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
AMPCOAmerican Mobile Power Company (Burbank, California, USA)
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An example of an aluminum casting produced with FPC is a water-cooled exhaust manifold produced by AMPCO Metal for Bombardier, Valcourt, Quebec.
PHOTO : Produced in FPC by AMPCO Metal, the close up and cutaway views of a bronze pump impeller
Noble's interest in the net income from AMPCO will continue to be reported as income from unconsolidated subsidiaries.
In the next few weeks, AMPCO expects to produce enough methanol to schedule its first lifting by the end of May.
AMPCO took delivery earlier this year of its two 45,000 DWT methanol tankers chartered from Mitsui OSK Lines.
CMS and Noble each own a 45 percent interest in AMPCO, which owns the plant.
The AMPCO plant, located on Bioko Island in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, converts stranded natural gas into commercial methanol for export into the world market.
This would result in the first AMPCO produced methanol reaching the commercial market by mid to late June 2001.