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AMPEAutomated Message Processing Exchange
AMPEAutomated Message Processing Exchange (US DoD)
AMPEAssociation of Media Practice Educators (UK)
AMPEAverage Maximum Pensionable Earnings (government employees; Canada)
AMPEActual Milk Price Equivalent (UK)
AMPEAcute Massive Pulmonary Embolism
AMPEAuthenticated Mesh Peering Exchange (computer networking)
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Eeftens M, Tsai MY, Ampe C, Anwander B, Beelen R, Bellander T, et al.
Our program code AMPE (Adaptive Multigrid Preconditioned Eigensolver) in FORTRAN is an adaptive multigrid finite element code with an edge oriented error estimator which uses linear and quadratic finite elements.
iyu miricuje marama--, iqui nan iqui qui, --ataca napjueca, epe ni marama ampe ampe pcajine--, iqui taca ninhafa nenhca rriarre punh marame, tama .
Vanneste E, Voet T, Le Caignec C, Ampe M, Konings P, Melotte C, et al.
STAKEHOLDERS EXTERNOS % NIVEL 4 % NIVEL 5 % TOTAL Clientes 11,50% 77,00% 88,50% Fornecedores 19,60% 51,40% 70,90% Bancos 23,60% 23,00% 46,60% Concorrentes 29,10% 10,10% 39,20% SPC 19,60% 12,80% 32,40% CDL 16,20% 12,20% 28,40% Associacao Comercial 16,20% 9,50% 25,70% Governo Municipal 15,50% 9,50% 25,00% Governo Estadual 15,50% 7,40% 23,00% Universidades 9,50% 10,10% 19,60% AMPE 4,10% 5,40% 9,50% SEBRAE 4,10% 4,70% 8,80% SENAC 4,70% 2,00% 6,80% Figura 3: Distribuicao do Nivel de Influencia dos Stakeholders Internos.
While children are often seen playing childhood games like ampe, a jumping game, they are also responsible for many household chores, such as caring for younger siblings, preparing meals, sweeping the house or gathering water or firewood for cooking (Lundgren, 2001).
De manera similar a lo que ocurre con las FFNN con el determinante indefinido, aquellas cuyo nucleo es ampe 'algo, cosa', generalmente no presentan marca de caso, como sucede en los siguientes ejemplos:
In June 2007, the Northern Territory Government released a watershed report on child abuse in Australian Aboriginal communities titled Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarle 'Little Children are Sacred' (Wild & Anderson 2007).
However, while AMPE remained below the farmgate price for much of the last milk year, with the recovery of the commodity markets, it moved ahead of the farmgate price in April 2010.
Resultados similares encontraron Ben Omar y Ampe (13) y Wacher et al (14) en el estudio de la carga microbiana de las fermentaciones del pozol, una bebida fermentada a base de cacao y maiz de origen mesoamericano muy popular al sur de Mexico.