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AMPEAutomated Message Processing Exchange
AMPEAutomated Message Processing Exchange (US DoD)
AMPEAssociation of Media Practice Educators (UK)
AMPEAverage Maximum Pensionable Earnings (government employees; Canada)
AMPEActual Milk Price Equivalent (UK)
AMPEAcute Massive Pulmonary Embolism
AMPEAuthenticated Mesh Peering Exchange (computer networking)
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Un proyecto donde especificaban que tomarian como referente dos festivales: el festival publicitario de San Sebastian en Espana (Asociacion Espanola de Agencias de Publicidad-AEACP) y los Premios AMPE (Asociacion de Medios Publicitarios de Espana), por el prestigio y trayectoria de ambos en el ambito espanol.
Figueroa (Figueroa, Davila, y Pourquie 1995) y Ampe (Ampe, Sirvent, y Zakhia 2001) observaron en la fermentacion natural de yuca, que los grupos microbianos predominantes son BAL ([10.sup.8] a [10.sup.9] UFC log/g) y levaduras (101 a 104 log UFC/g).
Cyrys J, Eeftens M, Heinrich J, Ampe C, Armengaud A, Beelen R, et al.
For the girls, there was also the game ampe. Although entirely physical, ampe also taught its players how to anticipate and defeat another person's moves.
Excision and purification of DNA fragments from DGGE gels were performed as described by Ben Omar and Ampe (2000).
Pieter Ampe and Guilherme Garrido's Still Standing You, 2010, combined acrobatics, theater games, and genital origami in a humorous and surprisingly touching investigation of male friendship.
Our finite element code AMPE, see Section 4, is demonstrated to work with up to 5 x [10.sup.7] degrees of freedom.
The advanced manufacturing/pre-engineering (AMPE) pathway, chosen for Jackson and Putnam Counties, is being developed by a subgroup chaired by an industry leader from Automation Tool Company and the Cookeville campus director for Nashville State Community College, with other members from industry and secondary education.
Nan iqui taca nocosanhe oraora,epeme ampe ampenhe marama, nan iqui nhonhifa ora marama, ninhafa ...
The formula will calculate a farm gate milk price using publicly available benchmarks: Actual Milk Price Equivalent (AMPE), Milk for Cheese Value Equivalent (MCVE) and a basket of competitor milk prices, all of which will be reviewed quarterly.
There have been several reports in early 2013 of lower-price Chinese tablets as Hipad, Ondan, Teclast and Ampe, entering the Vietnamese retail market.