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AMPEREAssociation for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education
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Ampere processors offer a modern architecture with a unique, high performance, custom core Armv8-A 64-bit server operating at up to 3.
The Ampere 1 is the first all electric convertible available for sale.
Ampere (como sua rede urbana) desenvolveu uma formacao social calcada na presenca de pequenos proprietarios rurais, vinculada a pequenos comercios e artesanato local.
The transfer switch market is segmented on the basis of type, application, transition mode, ampere rating, and region.
The present definition of the Ampere, however, is vulnerable to drift and instability.
AMPERE eventually will allow scientists to make predictions about space weather the way a meteorologist does for Earth, Anderson said.
Ampere Software having well-seasoned team of skilled senior-level software experts with a long track record of product development success.
The Ampere is suited for lower-mileage, intra-city operations on congested roads and for duty cycles with many stops and starts or collections and drops, said Smith.
Ampere manages the Perennial funds, the value-driven long/short global equity funds invested in the telecom, technology and media sectors.
The ampere is that constant current which, if maintained in two straight parallel conductors of infinite length, of negligible circular cross-section, and placed one meter apart in vacuum, would produce between these conductors a force equal to 2 X [10.
The son of the distinguished scientist Andre-Marie Ampere, Jean-Jacques Ampere in 1826 made his first journey to Germany.
use of a 35-ampere fuse for a wire which has a capacity to carry only 15 amperes.