AMPNAnterior Medial Preoptic Nucleus (neuroscience)
AMPNAssociation de Motards aux Portes de la Normandie (French: Motorcyclists Association of the Ports of Normandy; Normandy, France)
AMPNAir Mission Pilot Notification
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I invested in AMPN because under due diligence we discovered an opportunity which has the potential for a return on investment that had a lot of zero's quickly," said Robert Miller, Keiretsu Forum member.
Orthopedic surgeons and physicians specializing in occupational medicine control directly or indirectly about 80% of all workers compensation costs," stated John Wilhelmy, Medical Director of Muir Orthopedic Specialists, a 20-physician orthopedic medical group, and Chairman of the Board of AMPN.
AMPN is the only company in the Bay Area that offers discounts for healthcare services using its own network of local providers.