AMPPActive Money Personal Pension (Standard Life)
AMPPAltera Megafunction Partners Program
AMPPAsymmetric Massively Parallel Processing (Netezza Performance Server)
AMPPArchitecture of Modern Political Power (website)
AMPPApache, MySQL, PHP and Perl
AMPPAdvanced Motorcycle Paint Protection
AMPPActual Medicinal Product Pack (UK)
AMPPAdvanced Materials and Processing Program
AMPPAssociation of Motion Picture Producers (est. 1924; now Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers)
AMPPAutomatic Migration of Port Profiles (network topology)
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In this first stage, they developed step 1 of the AMPP, which refers to the selection of problems, including a discussion with the health staff, through which the validity of the identified problems in terms of the value assigned to each of them was verified.
That is, the nearly 1,400 AMPP participants with episodic migraine and moderate depression as defined by a Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) score of 10-14 out of a maximum possible 27 had an adjusted 1.
The AMPP trial also revealed that high frequency episodic migraine (914 days per month) was a risk factor for progression to chronic migraine, even without MOH.
In this portion of the study, patients with cardiovascular disease were not asked whether they were taking triptans, but in a previous report from AMPP, widespread triptan use was seen in mi-graineurs (Headache 2010;50: 256-63).
The AMPP study was funded through a research grant to the National Headache Foundation from Ortho-McNeil Neurologics, with additional support provided by Allergan Pharmaceuticals, NuPathe Inc.
Available from Au80 a month* or a single payment of Au800, AMPP has been designed to attract new customers who have to date not used pensions as a way of planning for the future.
The AMPP provides a rather stark example of how a new western tool of representation was imported into the colonial peripheries, with a production process that involved what Foucault might refer to as a disciplinary function by requiring Central Africans to memorize lines, retake scenes, fabricate sets, and wait for clouds to clear.
AMPP combines the best elements of SNIP and MPP into a new architecture to allow a query to be processed in the most optimized way possible.
The storefront is built using Handango AMPP, Handango's application management and provisioning platform.
7 million, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) would fare even better than AMPP.
The AMPP study was funded through a research grant to the National Headache Foundation from Ortho-McNeil Neurologies, with ad ditional support provided by Allergan Pharmaceuticals, NuPathe Inc.
The AMPP study was based on a survey mailed to 120,000 households selected to be representative of the U.