AMPRAdvanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer
AMPRAndria Mitsakos Public Relations (various locations)
AMPRAir Messenger Pin Redirector (software)
AMPRAntique Map Price Record (est. 1983; Cambridge, MA)
AMPRAssociation des Médecins du Pays de Retz
AMPRAdaptive Multi-Path Routing (computer engineering)
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Mathee, "Pseudomonas aeruginosa AmpR: an acute-chronic switch regulator," Pathogens and Disease, vol.
A number of genes including ampG, ampR, ampD, and ampE are involved in the process [7].
Genomic analysis of a representative sequenced strain identified a chromosomal AmpC [beta]-lactamase gene that may be under induction control by an AmpR homolog, as well as the presence of multiple metallo-[beta]-lactamase genes.
Secretary Board of Investment, Iftikhar Babar Official of AMPR signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organization.
Identification of the sequences surrounding the [bla.sub.DHA-1] gene found an ampR gene included in a complex sul-1-type integron that was likely similar to those previously reported.
In turn this led to many benefits including further sales from exhibitions organised at his home gallery, sales from exhibitions in other locations (both in Australia and internationally) and further commissions, all promoted by AMPR. Now, due presumably to general cuts in corporate spending, commissions come along more slowly and Secombe has taken a different approach.
faecium had the following resistance profile: AMPR, IMPR, CNR, SR, SXTR (resistance to ampicillin, imipenem, gentamicin, streptomycin, and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, respectively).
The congregation of UFO enthusiasts was then called Aeronautical & Meteorological Phenomena Research (AMPR), led by Brian Boyle and Jack Seers.
Her resurrection of Puerto Rican educational martyrs such as maestro Rafael and his sister Celestina (chapters one and two), as well as important Puerto Rican intellectual forums, including the founding of the Asociacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico (AMPR, Association of Teachers of Puerto Rico) serves as critical examples of local and regional control over educational polices imported into the island (chapter two).
Sheila elegans cultivation and Nathan uninfected control Plasmid pUT-Km pUT-Km1 derived plasmid, Chuang et with miniTn5 excised by al., EcoRI, tnp excised by 2006 [15] SalI, and bla removed by ApaLI and then with an insertion of Km resistance cassette from pUC4K into PstI site; oriR6K mobRP4 [Kan.sup.R] AmpR pGEM-T easy Cloning vector for PCR Promega, cloning; AmpR USA TABLE 2: Primers used for PCR and construction of mutants and complemented plasmids.