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AMPTAdvances in Materials and Processing Technologies (conference)
AMPTAlpha-Methyl-Para-Tyrosine (neuropsychiatry)
AMPTASWC (Anti-Submarine Warfare Commander/Coordinator) Mission Planning Tool
AMPTAudit Misstatement Posting Threshold (auditing)
AMPTA Multi-Phase Transport Model (nuclear physics)
AMPTActive Mouse Protection Test (immunization)
AMPTActive Motion Physiotherapy (Canada)
AMPTAhli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi (Malay: Supreme Council Chairman)
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Ampt started an industry alliance called High Definition PV ( to build an ecosystem of partnership; about 50 companies participate in this alliance and endorse Ampt's technical leadership.
To elucidate the possible contribution of adrenergic system, mice were pretreated with AMPT, 100 mg/kg, i.p.[13] After 4 h, they received one of the flavone compounds 3,7-dihydroxyflavone(5 mg/kg), 3,3'-dihydroxy flavone (20 mg/kg), 6,3'-dihydroxy flavone (10 mg/kg), or 5.6- dihydroxy flavone (10 mg/kg) i.p and were subjected to forced swim test 30 min later.
The combination of simplifying water infiltration hypotheses introduced by Green and Ampt (1911) leads to the following equation (Fuentes, 2007; Rendon et al., 2012):
The AMPT anti-microbial peptides address significant unmet medical needs and provide an alternative to antibiotics in human and animal health, particularly in an era of unprecedented bacterial resistance to traditional antibiotics.
The AMPT portfolio of unique antimicrobial peptides overcomes many of the issues associated with AMPs as anti-bacterial therapeutics, most notably potency, spectrum, stability and toxicity.
Following the successful demonstration, Canadian Solar chose Ampt's String Optimizer as it reportedly outperformed other designs while costing less.
According to the values found, the minimum estimated number of buds per branch was observed for the treatment L4 (5.55 buds per branch), which corresponded to 63.39% of the mineral fertilization recommended added of the tested product (AMPT) (Figure 1A), reaching the nullity of buds per branch for the Kc multiplication factor from 3.07 (Figure 1B).
The Senate shall De Senaat zal Der Senat soll seine chuse their other verkiesen haar andern Beamten und Officers, and also a andere officieren auch einen President pro als ook een Prasidenten fur die tempore, in the President voor een Zeit, wenn der Absence of the tyd, in de Vice-Prasident Vice President, or afweesenhyd van de abwesend seyn, oder when he shall Vice-President, of das Amt des exercise the Office wanner die het Prasidenten der of President of the ampt van President Vereinigten Staaten United States.
(25.) Ampt AJ, Amoroso C, Harris MF, McKenzie SH, Rose VK, Taggart JR.
ARCATA Ampt Green House Board Shop Neighborhood Board Shop
Studies from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom indicated that medication-related work takes 11-27% of nurses' time (Ball, Murrells, Rafferty, Morrow, & Griffiths, 2013; Cornell, et al., 2010; Keohane et ah, 2008; Potter, et ah, 2005; Westbrook & Ampt, 2009).
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