AMPTPAlliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
AMPTPAssociation of Motion Picture and Television Producers
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After 16 weeks the AMPTP edged towards this sensible position, offering writers an option: continue receiving the $4,400 fixed payment or change to a sliding scale based on 1.
The AMPTP asked for it to go at least a year longer, from whatever date the union ratifies the new, 36-month deal.
The AMPTP faces further challenges because a favorable settlement with writers could trigger similar demands by other unions such as the 120,000-member strong Screen Actors Guild and the Directors Guild of America (with 13,400 members), both of which have contracts expiring on June 30, 2008.
Any further attempt by AMPTP or its member companies to interfere with the thousands of individual talent agency agreements between our members and their talent agents will be met with a prompt and vigorous response.
Nick Counter, President of the AMPTP stated, "We commend the DGA leadership for their commitment and thoughtful approach to what are complex and crucial issues.
Meanwhile, AMPTP estimates that crews have lost more than $250 million during the eight weeks of voluntary unemployment -- nearly double the $151 million the writers set out to make in demanding new-media royalties.
It consists in having all productions of the AMPTP ("US majors") and their affiliates, including independents financed by the majors at the rate of least 51%, come under IATSE jurisdiction.
Among those attending the meeting were DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg and CBS' Leslie Moonves as representatives of the AMPTP and director Steven Soderbergh, chairman of DGA's Creative Rights Committee.
Officials with AMPTP blamed the writers for cutting off production on more than 74 TV shows.
This mirrors the provision that the DGA negotiated with the AMPTP in its most recent Basic Agreement negotiations.
They are represented by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the AMPTP, and are not hurting for lawyers or public-relations consultants.