AMPTPAlliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
AMPTPAssociation of Motion Picture and Television Producers
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Broadcast shows like "This Is Us," "Grey's Anatomy" and "Empire" and comedies like "Modern Family" and "The Big Bang Theory" will feel the effects on their fall seasons or they will be shortened if the WGA and AMPTP do not reach an agreement till July.
That makes her an unpredictable commodity for AMPTP president Carol Lombardini and the studios' other negotiators.
The union, which was the last major guild to start talks with the AMPTP, was under pressure to deliver a bumper agreement.
The AMPTP has been trying to renegotiate this arrangement even further, but the RMA continues to stand its ground.
The AMPTP was there to say no, and usually we'd say okay--but not this time.
According to AMPTP, the striking writers have walked out on over $220 million in salaries so far, and that other related industries that support the entertainment business are losing money from the strike as well.
In 1991 the WGA and the AMPTP concluded their negotiations one year before the expiration of the existing agreement, and extended to 1995 the contract that was to expire in 1992.
Perhaps that is why, in the five years since the producers formed the AMPTP, Hollywood unions have gone on strike six times.
The report details the hundreds of mil lions in taxpayer money accepted by production companies that then--since many are not signatories to the AFM's contract with the AMPTP requiring domestic scoring for films shot in the U.
The AMPTP say the actors demands are unreasonable and have refused to improve a final offer made in June, similar to other agreements reached with writers, directors and a smaller actor's union.
In addition to new media issues, the WGA insists that the AMPTP recognize writers from untraditional sectors of television, including reality programming, animation and basic cable, which are not currently represented by the Guild.