AMRFAlgalita Marine Research Foundation
AMRFAmerican Medical Resources Foundation
AMRFApproved Minimum Retirement Fund (UK)
AMRFAutomated Manufacturing Research Facility
AMRFAccès Multiple à Répartition en Fréquence
AMRFAlaskan Malamute Research Foundation
AMRFAccess to Major Research Facilities
AMRFAudie Murphy Research Foundation
AMRFAfrican Medical and Research Foundation
AMRFAustralian Market Regulatiory Feed (trading)
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Magliochetti said the Upton resident has made at least a half-dozen overseas medical assessment trips since becoming involved with AMRF.
"I have a great feeling for AMRF. It's an outfit that's really done a phenomenal job," he said.
During a five week research expedition that ended in February, a team of scientists led by oceanographer and AMRF founder Charles Moore took samples from the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch', which stretches from about 500 nautical miles (926 kilometres) off the Californian coast, past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan.
Moore and his colleagues at AMRF warn that the rubbish patch will double in size over the next decade unless consumers cut back on their use of plastic.
Readers of Automating the Future will understand how the AMRF's achievements illustrate the benefit of multisector sharing of expertise and knowledge; provide insight into how recent manufacturing advances have shaped industry and government; and show the impact of automated manufacturing on the American economy.
According to Kang Lee, AMRF workstation manager, "Flexible manufacturing systems are key to success in today's changing industrial scene." This thinking led the National Bureau of Standards to create the AMRF.
The AMRF research staff examined various alternatives for systems in which to store manufacturing tools and finished products, but the search was a short one.
Navy Manufacturing Technology Program, the AMRF has proposed designs for experimental naval shipyards.