AMRICAnimals in Medicines Research Information Centre (UK)
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Diaz-Mitoma was a professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine for five years before heading up AMRIC for four years beginning in 2011.
The AMRIC board of directors is said to be starting a recruiting process to find his successor.
Denis Roy, president-CEO of Health Sciences North, will preside over the operations at AMRIC on an interim basis.
The NRC partnered with Lilly Creek and AMRIC to support the project last January.
AMRIC's interim chief operating officer, Mark Hartman, said using local resources and strengthening the local economy is a priority for AMRIC and its subsidiaries.
The goal is to develop a product, sell or transfer the development to a pharmaceutical company, then reinvest the money into AMRIC and its spinoff companies to build on the research.
Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, the CEO and scientific director of AMRIC, said in a statement: "This partnership with a world leader like Elekta is creating jobs in our community, raising the international profile and reputation of AMRIC and our city, and enhancing patient care.
We are very pleased to be working with AMRIC at HSN because this new collaboration will create more opportunities for students and faculty to build their potential and to develop scientific research right here in the north," Cambrian president Sylvia Barnard said.
AMRIC is one of Canada's newest health research institutions.
AMRIC has partnered with the National Research Council and is looking to extend its partnerships nationally and internationally.
He wants to build a stand-alone, 70,000-square-foot facility on the hospital site within the next four to five years, and said AMRIC will undergo a capital campaign to seek public and private donations for the project.
Under the current scheme, AMRIC will need the space.