AMRISAdvanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
AMRISAustralian Mouse and Rat Information Service (Victoria, Australia)
AMRISArmy Modernization Resource Information System
AMRISAd-Hoc Multicast Routing Protocol Utilizing Increasing Identification Numbers
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Biophan's strategy, strengthened by the acquisition of AMRIS, is to offer our customers the broadest possible set of alternative solutions to making devices safe and visible.
AMRIS is a developer of active MRI systems for enhanced visualization and therapy in the MRI environment.
While in Germany we met with many customers and prospects of Biophan and AMRIS to explore integration issues, including meetings with Boston Scientific personnel to explore how AMRIS will assist Biophan in the support of Boston Scientific.
AMRIS technologies and facilities allow for a significant expansion of Biophan's capabilities, including access to dozens of MRI devices and components through the AMRIS facilities and those of its affiliate, Tomovation, also headed by Dr.
AMRIS is quite unique in this regard, and significantly expands and complements the capabilities already provided by Biophan's relationships," Weiner explained.
Following the acquisition, AMRIS will be renamed Biophan Europe, and Michael Friebe, Ph.
Even more important to us than the very valuable patents that we are licensing exclusively under this agreement are the extraordinary people in AMRIS who are joining the Biophan team," said Mr.
Among the AMRIS technology assets are an MRI-visible catheter marker, an MRI-visible stent, and a series of MRI-visible medical devices in development.
As part of the overall AMRIS acquisition, Biophan receives the worldwide exclusive license to fifteen issued and pending patents held by Dr.
Biophan and AMRIS solutions enable stents to be viewed under MRI without being subject to the Faraday Cage effect, an electrical phenomenon that ordinarily makes stent-imaging extremely difficult.