AMRISAdvanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
AMRISAustralian Mouse and Rat Information Service (Victoria, Australia)
AMRISArmy Modernization Resource Information System
AMRISAd-Hoc Multicast Routing Protocol Utilizing Increasing Identification Numbers
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When Amri entered the European Union on April 4, 2011, (18) via the Italian island of Lampedusa, he claimed to be 16 years old.
On June 17, 2015, Italy was legally required to release Amri from a deportation facility because Tunisian authorities had not responded to its request to send travel documents for him.
In the first six months after his arrival in Germany, between July and December 2015, Amri registered at least five times as an asylum seeker under different identities.
Amri attended classes at "Madrasa Dortmund," a Qur'an school in the eponymous German city.
In late 2015, Amri began commuting between Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia.
Within the display, the detail work was intense: "Designer Caroline Pugh on our staff created a textured butterfly that looks almost as though you could pull it off the glass," Amri says.
Feldman's art was put to an immediate, if unofficial, test the day of the project's opening, when Danielle Stephenson, the trust's director of donor relations who oversaw the project for Boston Childrens, saw her young daughter run up to the child-level glass panel, slap it enthusiastically with one hand, and become suddenly transfixed by the emerging butterfly "It was a functional test and a safety test all in one," Amri quips.
Margot Forrest, public relations director and writer/editor for Amri's staff, offered an etched quote from the piece: "We dwell in possibility, a place where once impossible discoveries and innovations are becoming world-changing realities.
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