AMRPAAmerican Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association
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Sponsors of the Congressional Briefing include the AMRPA, and over 20 patient organizations in the Coalition for Preserve Rehabilitation.
AMRPA is a nonprofit trade organization representing freestanding rehabilitation hospitals, rehabilitation units in general hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation facilities, and skilled nursing and home health agencies that provide medical rehabilitation to more than 700,000 people annually.
org; or Dave Stover, Executive Director of AMRPA, +1-217-753-1190
While AMRPA is pleased by the action taken by Congress, the association realizes that this is just a temporary change in policy and that more work needs to be done to ensure Medicare beneficiary and private patient access to essential inpatient rehabilitation facility services.
This report corroborates what we know -- thousands of Medicare patients across the country continue to be denied access to inpatient rehabilitation care that they desperately need," said AMRPA Board Chair and Casa Colina CEO, Dr.
AMRPA has been working closely with other national organizations in support of the Preserving Patient Access to Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals Act of 2005 (S.
AMRPA was also surprised by CMS' assessment of the 75% Rule's impact on patient access to IRF care.
AMRPA once again called on the Department of Health and Human Services, CMS and Congress to act in the interest of Medicare beneficiaries.
AMRPA estimates that in the first year alone, hospitals will be forced to deny care to over 39,000 patients in order for the hospitals to maintain compliance with the new 75% Rule.
In the meantime, AMRPA will continue to try to work with CMS to fully modernize these outdated and obsolete criteria.