AMRSAncient Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Ohio Wesleyan University)
AMRSAssociate of the Market Research Society
AMRSAlliance for Marine Remote Sensing
AMRSAdvanced Meat Recovery System (slaughterhouses)
AMRSAutomated Meter Reading System
AMRSAssociation of Major Religious Superiors (Philippines)
AMRSAutomated Merchant Shipping Reporting System
AMRSAutomated Merchant Reporting System
AMRSAll-hazard Meteorological Response System
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The AMRs (Fetch Robotics, are part of an expansion of robot-assisted support for time-critical warehousing and distribution operations.
AI can be used in many forms: AMRs and other types of robotics such as collaborative piece picking arms use AI for tasks like how to navigate to a pick location or how to pick up a carton or pill bottle.
office for the Danish-based robotics manufacturer and industry "first mover." The office, led by area sales manager Nicholas Temple, will better enable MiR to support distributors and current customers of its autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) while meeting increasing demand within the Western half of the United States as well as Central and South America.
It is decided that each month, the Provincial Committees on Repatriation and Reintegration established under the AMRS will meet and will be on the agenda of the bi-monthly meetings of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group at the Federal level.
(NASDAQ: AMRS) shares jumped 73.1 percent to close at $5.47 on Tuesday after the company announced a $255 million cannabinoid development, licensing, and commercialization agreement.
Integration between WMS and MES can also help users dynamically manage fleets of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to constantly optimize routes, but initially, says Coyne, most companies interested in real-time integration to MES are after agile production planning.
The flexibility of today's AMRs makes them suited to DCs, notes Sharma.
MiR is a leading supplier of collaborative autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for industrial applications.
MiR is a leading supplier of collaborative autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs for industrial applications.
In a round-table conference on the governments Afghan management strategy, speakers informed that in March last year the federal cabinet approved a strategy on the Management and Repatriation of Afghans in the country (AMRS).
But the traditional AGV was reliant on tape or other guidance markers, says Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics, which of fers AMRs. With AMRs, she says, "autonomous" is the key word, whereas with most AGVs, "guided" is the operative word.