AMRSAlliance for Marine Remote Sensing
AMRSAutomated Meter Reading System
AMRSAssociation of Major Religious Superiors (Philippines)
AMRSAutomated Merchant Shipping Reporting System
AMRSAutomated Merchant Reporting System
AMRSAll-hazard Meteorological Response System
AMRSAncient Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Ohio Wesleyan University)
AMRSAdvanced Meat Recovery System (slaughterhouses)
AMRSAssociate of the Market Research Society
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Participating students were administered the SRI and the AMRS at the beginning and at the end of the study.
The results of the AMRS yielded three motivation scores: Self-Concept, Value of Reading, and Full Survey scores.
As AMRS initiative, UNHCR has mobilized additional support for local communities in Pakistan that generously host millions of Afghan refugees for the last three decades.
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The AMRS only requires updated disclosure within 10 days after the end of a month if an investor s position has materially changed as of the last day of that month compared to their previous position disclosed pursuant to the AMRS.
The AMRS is intended to allow large but passive institutional investors such as pension funds - to avoid the extra workload of having to file daily reports on their trades.