AMRSPAssociation of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines
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Today we light a candle in hope that we may be led to the path of righteousness and a land flowing with milk and honey," AMRSP said.
The AMRSP issued the statement on Wednesday, which was signed by its co-chairpersons, vice-cochairpersons, and board members numbering 14.
The AMRSP said it agreed with the CBCP's position that 'the solution we seek is ultimately the transformation of our political culture' and not another Charter change.
In its statement, the AMRSP urged its congregations to disseminate widely the CBCP's pastoral statement on Charter change.
It's a whole spiritual experience for me," said Sister Mary John Mananzan, head of the AMRSP.
The AMRSP official chided the government for its lack of preparation despite having long been aware of a looming power crisis.
Evil prospers where good men are silent,' said the statement signed by Franciscan priest Cielito Almazan and Kuizon, cochairpersons of AMRSP.
Capital punishment may satisfy the desire for vindication, but this is not the desired end for a humane and Christian approach to punishment,' the AMRSP said.
Ending its 2016 convention, the AMRSP, which gathers the heads of religious congregations for men and women in the country, expressed its support of the new Duterte administration, particularly its 'peace initiatives' and 'programs to protect and preserve national sovereignty and patrimony.
But the AMRSP said it was opposing Duterte's policies to 'diminish human life and violate the rule of law; perpetuate poverty, corruption and contractualization.
Marlon Lacal, of the AMRSP, clarified that the AMRSP paid Lozada's P30,000 bail under its "sanctuary program," while the money for Orlando's bail came from Sen.
Fearing for his family's safety, Lozada sought anew the help of the nuns and priests of the AMRSP who agreed to provide him temporary sanctuary.