AMRSSAssociation of Model Railway Societies in Scotland
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These data were extracted from the WHO documents and platforms for AMRSS. Another important category was that of microbiologic data.
Given the status of antibiotic use in Iran and the lack of effective surveillance, the current study determined the national AMRSS MDS, containing 80 data elements, to collect, analyze, and report AMR indicators.
The absence of such a format has thwarted efforts to establish an AMRSS and precluded the participation of Iran in the WHO GLASS.
(34) As an early step in the Iranian national AMRSS, we met these standards at the required level.
The present study provides a set of data elements and a schematic framework for the implementation of an AMRSS, both nationally and globally.
(13) For the effective and early implementation of antimicrobial resistance surveillance systems (AMRSSs) at a national level, a stepwise approach should be taken in the design and development of software modules.