AMRUAgroecosystem Management Research Unit (USDA)
AMRUAnticipate Mandrel Retraction Unit (bending machine)
AMRUAlberta Minor Rugby Union (Canada)
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It is to be noted that an Egyptian delegation including Singer Ihab Tawfiq and Amru Ramzi arrived ixn Khartoum last Tuesday within the context OF THE Nile Valley Initiative which aims to cement ties of friendship between the Sudanese and Egyptian people.
When gravid females--flies with eggs--reach an egg-laying site, we believe they use the olfactory sensors on their antennae to gather information related to nutrition," says AMRU entomologist Jerry Zhu.
Dalil on diyat in the form of money was reported by al-Nasie from Abu Bakar bin Muhammad bin Amru bin Hazam from his father from his grandfather as follows:
In a thrilling match, Bahl edged out Mujahid Ali Khan 6-4, 3-6, 1-0 (8), while Joshua D'Silva won 1-6, 7-6, 1-0 (3) against Amru Jiff.
She is often filmed with anti-Assad protesters and among the people trapped in Baba Amru, a part of Hums (Syria's third largest city) which was bombarded for a month to March 1 - where over 700 people were killed including Western journalists trapped in that area.
She was the first international observer allowed to visit Baba Amru since Assad forces took control of it on March 1 after a horrible month-long bombardment.
Baba Amru became a symbol of resistance to Assad - just as the city of Hama was to Assad's father Gen Hafez who killed up to 40,000 on Feb.
The role of states and markets in the production of Islamic knowledge on-line: The examples of Yusuf al-Qaradawl and Amru Khaled.
The Egyptian FM, Mohammed Kamel Amru, said that Sinai is under total Egyptian control and any attempt of attack in the area will be confronted strongly with the Egyptian Military.
Speaking about the issue of the holding of the next Arab Summit in Baghdad, Hammoudi said that "Iraq reserves its right to host the Summit," in a meeting he held in Cairo with the Arab League's Secretary-General Amru Moussa, adding that the current circumstances "won't allow the holding of the Summit nowadays, due to the pre-occupation of a large number of Arab Leaders with their internal problems.
The Syrian army that was positioned in central Homs entered a number of suburbs in the city which have been witnessing demonstrations among them Bab al Sebaa and Bab Amru after telephone lines and water were cut off.
The last appearance by Sharihan was in 2007during a phone interview with journalist Amru Adeeb on the show "Cairo Today".