AMS3Aviation Structural Mechanic Third Class (US Naval Rating)
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5 to 11 Power requirements 115V AC [less than] 5 amps Computer interface RS-232 AMS3 Total vertical load centered (lb) 500 Total bending moment (lb-ft) 300 Maximum offset permitted 7.
According to Pau Kwok Sing, Director & Manager of Chong Hing Securities Limited, "We are excited to launch the first wireless stock trade system with real time settlement using an AMS3.
c) 3D TWR SIM - EMAN dressing system for controlling AMS3 servers, workstations and METDATA converter; simulation for system messages SNOWTAM AMS3; generating virtual date info into the script, read the script virtual date info and additions to the virtual time - complete control for monitoring / degradation-SMGCS server to LV.