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(10.) Hansberry delivered this piece for her keynote speech at the AMSAC conference in 1959.
AMSAC charted a plane that took over one hundred artists, writers, and intellectuals to Dakar for the 25-day Festival.
However, he asserts that most elite Blacks (particularly the leaders of AMSAC) associated with the Committee claimed there were no "Negroes" who had the connections or economic resources that Innes-Brown did.
(58) Even though he did not make the claim of CIA co-option in 1966, five years later Fuller would assert in Journey to Africa, his politico-biography of Guinea and Senegal, that while at the Festival in Dakar he learned firsthand of the insidious relationship between AMSAC and the CIA.
The ALSC and CAA were different from the American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa (ANLCA) and the American Society of African Culture (AMSAC), especially in terms of membership and the methods of operation, the two other organizations that focussed on assisting Africa.
In terms of activities, the ALSC was also different from AMSAC and the ANLCA.