AMSCSAutologous Marrow Stem Cell Support
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Amniotic epithelial cells (AECs) originate from the simple epithelium, and the AMSCs stem from the spongy layer (Roubelakis et al., 2012).
AMSCs are isolated from amnion and hence do not evoke any ethical issue on utilizaion of ESCs.
The AMSCs culture dishes were washed three times with PBS and cultured overnight in culture medium consisting of DMEM/F-12, 0.4% rat serum.
Primary AMSCs were cultured for 7 days (Figure 1(a)(1)) and showed a typical fibroblast-like morphology at passage 3 after 27 days (Figure 1(a)(2)).
The researchers reported that the AMSCs successfully migrated to the retinas of the test animals and, because of the growth factors secreted by the cells, were able to suppress retinal neovascularization.
AMSCs secrete higher levels of certain growth factors, including transforming growth factor beta (TGF-[I.sup.2]) and cytokines, than MSCs derived from other sources, such as fat or bone.