AMSDAssociation of Metropolitan School Districts (St. Paul, MN)
AMSDAirport Management Services Division
AMSDApproximate Minimum Search Distance (environmental site assessment)
AMSDAdjusted Mapping Support Data
AMSDAdministrative and Management Services Division
AMSDAdvance Medical Stores Depot (India)
AMSDArea Monitoring System Display
AMSDAdvanced Military System Design (Switzerland)
AMSDAdvanced Mirror System Development
AMSDAdvanced Mail Systems Development
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According to the European Commission (2012) reports on national enforcement of the AMSD (2010), a number of key provisions emerge.
One of the most advanced in synchronous line-of-sight microwave communication systems, the AMSD radio requires no tuning or adjustment during installation or operation, and is designed to provide years of unattended, reliable, uninterrupted service.
Sandra Humprhey, senior marketing manager of AMSD, said Motorola expects the Tenor to push the paging market in general at the consumer level.