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AMSELAktion Multiple Sklerose Erkrankter - Landesverband (German: National Association of Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Action; Stuttgart, Germany)
AMSELAdvanced Modular Secure Embedded Linux
AMSELAdvanced Material Sodium Effects Loop
AMSELArmy Materiel Systems & Engineering Laboratories
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Para la teoria de Amsel (1992), la presencia de agresion despues de la frustracion primaria seria producto de la activacion generalizada; emerge porque puede llegar a ser la primera en la jerarquia de respuestas posibles.
In this study, Amsel criteria diagnosed 43% of women suffering from bacterial vaginosis.
Several investigations have been able to link an elevated vaginal pH without either an elevated Nugent score or the other portions of Amsel's criteria with poor outcomes including preterm birth and preterm premature rupture of membranes [19-21].
The Amsel Occluder Device is designed to close blood vessels (veins or arteries as well as hollow ducts) during surgical procedures.
Amsel, it also can be applied to understanding the physiology of the mind: "Often, when people deviate from rational behavior, there is a way to understand that."
Amsel, a clinical psychiatrist at Columbia University in New York and a faculty member of the REACH Institute, a New York- based nonprofit focused on disseminating mental health skills to primary care clinicians, teachers, parents, and others.
The 10 who returned for a checkup 1 month later were in remission, with no symptoms, no clue cells, a negative amine test result, and no more than one of four Amsel criteria.
Susan Amsel, Harvard Pilgrim's product portfolio manager, said the tool could result in an 8 percent to 10 percent savings in premium costs.