AMSFAmerican Studies Foundation (Japan)
AMSFAustralian Motor Sport Foundation
AMSFAdult Music Student Forum (Washington, DC)
AMSFArea Maintenance and Supply Facility (US Army)
AMSFArmy Morale Support Fund
AMSFArea Maintenance Support Facility
AMSFArmy Maintenance Supply Facilities
AMSFAlkali Metal Storage Facility
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Under the Intelagy brand AMSF will continue to market existing and new services.
El AMSFS regula la inocuidad de los alimentos y la salubridad de animales y plantas a nivel internacional.
10 AMSFS y 12 AOTC) y paises "menos adelantados" (art.
Actions taken by the AMSF in favour of a systematic recognition of midwifery as a professional practice have been met with fierce opposition from the Moroccan College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, particularly in the private sector.
Not least they have enabled the AMSF to understand the challenges encountered by the midwifery profession elsewhere in the world.
Online inventory accounting also provides visibility of items at the forward supply point or the AMSF.
Se observo que los medios MS y AMSF presentaron una apariencia translucida, sin impurezas en el primero y escasas en el segundo.
Los medios de cultivo AMSF, MS y AMSF Intra presentaron el mayor numero de yemas en el brote principal en los 5 subcultivos realizados, sin que se observara diferencias significativas entre ellos, con excepcion del medio AMSF+Intra en el cuarto subcultivo, que presento una disminucion significativa del numero de yemas formadas (Figura 1).
The five AMSF scholarships were awarded to international and US applicants and provided partial funding for the 15-month CM([TM]) course of study.
ICPM is honored to perpetually recognize AMS as a professional management society by offering AMSF scholarships annually to CM applicants," said Dr.