AMSIAntimalware Scan Interface (software)
AMSIAmeritech Message Signal Interface
AMSIAustralian Mathematical Sciences Institute
AMSIArchitectural Metal Specialties, Inc. (Douglasville, GA)
AMSIAmerican Media and Social Institutions (Middle Tennessee State University)
AMSIAcademia Management Solutions International (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
AMSIAssociation of Muslim Scholars of Iraq
AMSIAssembled Munitions Serviceability Inspection
AMSIAmbient Surround Imaging
AMSIAtlantic Merchant Shipping Instructions
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More than its programs, however, the advocacy of AMSI is tightly connected with the personal story of Myla Bicol, its founder.
AMSI will retain the representation rights to sell advertising space for GEA's diversified and rich events calendar.
Dhari envisioned AMSI as a Sunni equivalent of the marjaiya, the Najaf-based leadership of Shia ayatollahs, whose foremost member, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, emerged in 2003 as the Shia community's decisive voice on the structuring of post-2003 Iraq.
AMSI is a composite of small-cap energy Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).
Herman (ID), (1,2) David Msuya, (1,2) Mwemezi Kaino, (2,3) Hilary Shilanaiman, (1) Joachim Magoma, (1) Christian Issangya, (1) Jay Lodhia, (1) Murad Tarmohamed, (1) Jeremia Pyuza, (4) Patric Amsi, (2,4) Alex Mremi, (2,4) Ronald Mbwasi, (5) and Nuru Letara (5)
Alerian has launched the Alerian size indices, composed of the Alerian Large Cap MLP Index (AMLI), Alerian Mid Cap MLP Index (AMMI), and Alerian Small Cap MLP Index (AMSI), the company said.
For example, decomposition that "is a basic component of all subtraction algorithms" (AMSI, 2011, p.
The AS program affords students opportunities to work on real-world projects through WKU's Habitat for Humanity chapter housed in the AMS department, the Architectural & Manufacturing Science Institute (AMSI), internships, and through faculty led community engagement activities integrated into courses.
Moreover, we propose a novel criterion, that is, average of multiscale time irreversibility (AMSI) to quantitatively characterize the two-phase flow system time irreversibility.
"Reading is an integral part of the academic delivery at all AMSI schools.
Long Island Marketing and Advertising Firm, Accelerated Marketing Solutions (AMSI), has broken the national sales record for leads in their division.
Independent media repre- sentation house SatysOfisi hasbeen appointed as the exclu- sive media representative for the Choueiri Group's Arabian Media Services International (AMSI) in Turkey.